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    Godaddy Whois Problem

    Since 2 weeks i have a problem with my domain at godaddy.

    All Services - DNS Change, Whois update, Renewal work great.

    But when i do a whois check i always get:

    No match for "" in the registrar database.
    (it's a .net which makes the problem)

    I already sent them 2 emails regarding this problem. With the first email they managed the problem so whois worked for 2 days. Now again nothing works with their whois. The second email was unanswered till 48hours.

    What's wrong with them ?

    (i know some guys in here dont like godaddy, i'm considering to leave godaddy as well but i still have to wait abt. 45days to transfer my domain away. Although it would be nice if someone has an idea to solve the problem or what to do. thx)

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    Does the domain name work? Does it resolve?
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    yes, everything works EXCEPT the whois.
    i have about 20 domains at godaddy, 5 of my domains dont have a whois, they all have the same error as mentioned above.

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    seems database error.

    i had the same with backordered domains earlier and it took couple of days to get the whois database updated.
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    database ? maybe...

    but this happens all few days. now it works again, i'm sure in 2 days it wont work again.

    the funny thing on that is that they most of the time have the same problem with - not found in registrar database

    well,... so again someone who will leave godaddy ASAP

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    well you cant catch ur whois just from godaddy or from anywhere also !!

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