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    Making logo match background?

    I had a logo designed, I have it in .jpg, .gif, .swf, .fla, .eps and .tif. The .jpg is on a white background and the .gif are mostly transparant but there is a jagged edge around them in white. How can I make them match the background colour? I am not very good with graphics packages but I have downloaded paintshop pro demo but I don't know what to do with it.

    Any tips please.

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    By far the best method is to prepare the background image in your raster prog (Photopaint/Photoshop whatever) then copy/paste from a vector prog (one that supports transparency) CorelDRAW and (I think) Illustrator...

    I never advocate the use of gif's with transparency...all a bit hit and miss and can look grotty...
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    Image Ready Matte


    Welcome to wht. I am not sure how to do this in Paint shop Pro but I have a link for Adobe's ImageReady. If you purchased or received the source files for the logo you should be able to do this easily. If you don't have the source files from the application that they were created in you may have some work ahead of you. For the .gif file you can apply a matte around the logo in the color of the background so that it blends in nicely. I see that you have the .fla file. I would export the logo as a gif or png and take it into ImageReady and do this from there. Here's the link . If you don't have access to that application a search for gif matte PSP may turn something up. Good Luck.

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    Thanks for the replies.

    Zoren I tried it with image ready and it worked great All the white areas are now same as the background colour.

    EagleImagery, I may well do that next time but I am just making a simple site with no fancy graphics.

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    Glad I could help. Best of luck with your site.

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    next time you could just open the .eps file in a (trial) of photoshop or photoshop elements and use the painbucket to overpaint the background layer with the color of your choise (in this case the backgroundcolor of your site). If the logo is even the slightest little professional you won't have any jagged edges and 0,0% quality loss.

    If you don't know the exact color of your site's background you can always use the prntscrn button on your keyboard once your site is loaded on your screen. Next paste (ctrl-v) the screen in photoshop and with the dropper you'll have the exact same color. Afther that you can just delete the pasted layer.

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    Another solution would to be to use PNG images with alpha channels. These will work perfectly on any background. However Microsoft's Internet Explorer has a bug which means the don't display properly. Any serious browser displays them fine though.

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