Hi, hope someone can help..

I have 4 IP`s allocated with our dedicated server, one is for our Main Shared Virtual Host IP and the other three are unused and all are showing up in WHM "Show or Delete Current IP Addresses" and none of the three spare IP`s have been reserved in WHM

But when I go to "Create a New Account" the field "Ip Address (only for new ip-based accounts)" only has the value "--Auto Assign--" in there. Shouldn`t that show "--Auto Assign--" plus my three other IP`s?

I am wondering where I should look to see if there is a configuration problem. My O/S is RedHat 9, Apache/1.3.29 and I have WHM 9.2.0 cPanel 9.2.0-R20 installed.

Thanks for any responses, it is appreciated.