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    Hi, I just got a site redesign. Please tell me what you think of it.

    Its a life coaching site focused on adults with ADD (attention deficit disorder).

    Please tell me your overall impression of the site, what you liked and why, what you didn't like and why, and what was missing/should be different. Also if possible, please tell me if you (hypothetically) were an adult with ADD, would you email me for a sample session of coaching or for more information based on seeing the site or would you just click the close button?

    thanks for the feedback.


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    On your main page, for your title banner area, the "Adult ADD Coach" is too mysterious for the casual visitor. Because of your post, I knew to make the connection of ADD with Attention Deficit Disorder when I saw the caption in the darker blue section. But really, my eyes just kept passing over that darker blue area without really focusing on it to go directly to the bright white center area.

    I think a bigger "Pete Quily - Attention Deficit Disorder Coach for Adults" at the top would be better. Your site is defined immediately and the rest would be understandable.

    In the main page's center area, the columns of text are too narrow. Right now, the middle column is so narrow there's only one word to a line. I see that you specified that table to have cell padding=10. That makes it 20 pixels between the sets of words.

    Some of your interior pages have a "TOP" link at the bottom, some done. And some that do, the font size is different.

    The darker blue caption "Helping Adults with ..." is a single line of white text in your main page, but 2 lines of black, capitalized text in your other pages.

    In your Bio page, at the bottom, the Martial Arts heading breaks the margin. And the top half of the page, you are talking in the first person ("I"), but the bottom half you are talking in the third person ("Pete"). You should keep it consistent.
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