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    looking to consolidate my domains


    I'm looking to consolidate all my domains (6) at an registrar to make managing easier.

    I'm looking for a registrant that has a user friendly interface, trusthworthy, feature rich (DNS management would be preferred), and one that is not BLOATED (like godaddy-- makes me puke lol).

    Price, well around 10$/year seems fair to me (I understand that godaddy has to be so bloated because they need to sell ad-on services to actually make money).

    Any suggestions?

    Current i'm with: dotster (solid and trustworthy, good interface, cost 15$ though and have to pay additional for DNS), enom (a 30$/year account lmao, I want to move away from this), (crappy looking website, I dont trust them much :/), godaddy (feature rich, but to cheap and thus bloated with add-on options/ads).

    How is the namecheap interface? (just one I'm looking at)

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    I didn't think that anyone paid $29.95 to eNom but based on your post I must be wrong.

    I recommend that you at least get yourself a free 8.95 eNom reseller account and take a look before you decide.

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    An Enom Reseller account will give you what you need. You can find an $8.95 account for no cost just about anywhere. Many people also offer $7.95 Enom Reseller accounts from $15-25 -- occasionally less.

    You also could try RegisterFly, NameCheap, or one of the GoDaddy (WildWest) resellers.
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    NameCheap has the best user interface - period. If you only have 6 domains to consolidate, it's the best choice IMO.

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    I use godaddy and am very happy with them.

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    for that many domains a small reseller account with enom would probably suit you well.
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    I also recommed $8.95 enom reseller account.
    This way you don't have to go through a reseller..
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    I'll make my decision on namecheap versus enom reseller account in private :-)

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    Originally posted by beowulfdk
    I'll make my decision on namecheap versus enom reseller account in private :-)
    NameCheap IS just another eNom reseller.

    And with just 6 (six) domains, I honestly don't think you need a reseller account yourself. Go with ANY ICANN-accredited registrar and you'll be fine.
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    namecheap is great
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