Colo-1 box 1/Meg $100 inc towers w/no setup fee. 100% SLA - try us FREE for 2 weeks

How it works
First contact sales. They will verify the order and send you information and IP addresses. Ship the machine to us. Once we recieve it, we will install the machine and configure your account. Try us for 2 weeks for free. If you like our service stay and pay your first bill for the next month. If for any reason you wish to leave notify your account representative before the end of your 14 day period. We will remove your machine and ship it back to you, or another data center. You pay nothing for the first 2 weeks.

The "gotcha's"
You are responsible for all shipping costs.
You are responsible for all shipping damages.
Accounts that greatly exceed purchased bandwidth levels may incurr additional charges.

  • 1Mbps fully burstable
  • Remote reboot port.
  • 100% SLA
  • Premium, Redundant backbone
  • 24/7/365 Support
  • 1 Hour emergency responce SLA
  • Full system and service monitoring availible
  • Unlimited IP (based on ARIN Justifications)
  • No Contract

  • Additional 1Mbps $75

  • New clients only
  • Offer valid 04-30-04 thru 05-07-04
  • Towers must be under 17" tall
  • Large disk array units may be additional (over 8 drives)
  • Accounts that greatly exceed expected purchase bandwidth levels may incurr additional charges.

About Us

Please contact a sales rep. for more details