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    fasted connection for dedicateds

    what is the fasted connection for dedicateds?
    how much speed is OC-12 type connections?


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    "unlimited" or almost :-)

    I mean a datacenter can put in more connections as they see fit. Ie. it can have a couple of 1000mbit connections or a few 100mbit or even just a 10mbit. All these numbers really mean nothing (unless your site is VERY busy) when it comes to your webserver serving pages to the internet - the question is how they USE their available bandwidth (ie. do they host 50 dedicated servers on that 10mbit? hehe).

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    i understand now the thing is there must be always available space for connection. So there maybe no problem soruced on conenctivity.
    OC-12 may smhr not ready in the case 50 dedicated hold on it.
    so the thing is datacenters performance


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    unlimited?! no such thing damnit!

    there will always be bottlenecks -_-
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