Hello everyone. I am facing problem with adding a focusin.com banner on my phpnuke. I asked the phpnuke staff and they said that I need to change the code to go with phpnuke. Now I asked them if they could do it for me and I haven't gotten a reply since 4-5 days.

On their blocks page, they have given a how-to for google adsense. I put that in and it worked fine. Then I changed the only good part to focusin and it still displays out of the block. Please help me.

The code they have provided for the google adsense is:
if (eregi("block-AdSense.php",$PHP_SELF)) {
  Header("Location: index.php");
<script language="JavaScript">
google_ad_client = 'your client-number';
google_ad_width = 468;
google_ad_height = 60;
google_ad_format = '468X60_as';
google_color_border = "E5E5E5";
google_color_bg = "E5E5E5";
google_color_link = "336699";
google_color_url = "000000";
google_color_text = "000000";
// -->
$content .= "<center><script language=\"JavaScript\"
$content .= "</script></center>";
The code that I need to be edited for phpnuke is:
<!--- start of focusIN code --->
<script language="JavaScript">
   var now = new Date();
   var uaid = now.getTime() % Math.floor(8640000 - Math.random()*1000);
   document.write('<scr'+'ipt src="http://focusin.ads.targetnet.com//ad/id=kamran17&opt=hjj&rw=120&rh=600&cv=220&uid=' + uaid + '" ></scr'+'ipt>');
   <iframe allowTransparency="true" src="http://focusin.ads.targetnet.com//ad/id=kamran17&opt=hhn&rw=120&rh=600&cv=220&uid=1" width=120 height=600 frameborder=0 marginheight=0 marginwidth=0 scrolling="no">
   <a href="http://focusin.ads.targetnet.com//ad/id=kamran17&opt=cin&rw=120&rh=600&cv=220&uid=1" target="_top"><img 
     src="http://focusin.ads.targetnet.com//ad/id=kamran17&opt=hin&rw=120&rh=600&cv=220&uid=1" alt="Click here to visit our sponsor" width=120 height=600 border=0></a>
<!--- end of focusIN code --->