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    I heard that this is really bad website and also their support really respect custommer,is this right?One of my friend said they took their money and his website only show up for few week after that shut down...And he tried to contact them for 3 times ,never get any response.....It cheap but it not worth for ppl who wanna host their site...

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    If you're talking about then yes, run as far away as possible. Back in my reseller days I could neve get any support person at all and then they tried to charge me $200 out of the blue. To top it off they were randomly deleting files off the sites I hosted just because they didn't like the extensions.

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    yes, today i just known that couple of my friends trying to switch to new host, i was helping them find a host today....MY friend told me that he got his account deleted without any notice and datapacket change the price without any notice or email to customer too...what kind of the business is this?what is the rules and policies?lol i guess they got no policies or rules...Just let anyone know that and stay away from datapacket...find some new reseller in WHT ..they look good....

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    I have many time email them but they dont reply...i dont know what kind of company are they

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    I hosted at datapacket before ( i was newbie about website)and after few weeks i was really regret..if i knew this company is the worst company for webhosting on the world (rip people's money off) i wouldn't host there..I moved to new server which is alot better than datapacket...hope anyone in here dont make a mistake like me before.

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    Datapacket is playing a dirty game with everybody. They would change the plans and make it much more attractive to get more people then when you ask they will say Oh this will not affect the old folks. Then all of a sudden they will shotdown your account if you exceed 3G of traffic even if you bought from them 6G disk and 110G of traffic. It happend with me and it happend to many people I have unfortunately brought them.

    Their attitude is real bad and will be so nice until you pay then will NEVER respond to support or ticket. The only way to catch them was through their chat (hardly online) and they have removed that recently. It is hurrable to cancel someone account specially if its a reseller with many people and yet worst if they do not allow you to download your contents and take your business somewhere else.

    I saw their site down today and I hope that they are out of business but I was told that they run in trouble and come back once in a watch out.

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    I heard they started charging people for support.

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    Datapacket where are you?

    I have not been able to get to their website for 2 days now, are they out of business?

    I even tried from 2 other servers, same response, unable to find.

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