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    Volume Hosting questions

    Hello everyone

    I came across and i would like some information on them from some of there customers

    I was reading over there power reseller accounts and i would like to know if it is worth it the money to signup

    i dont want to waste my money on a host that dont support there customers and has more downtime than it is worth

    im new in starting a hosting business and im just looking for advice on there accounts

    I have searched these forums about them and came across very little information, they seemed to be involved with another company a few months ago but that is over with now?

    Let me know if you have any comments on them

    also these forums are very informative im glad i found them

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    Just looking at their Reseller Power #1 package, 9 GB of Web space, they would have to be over selling or using hard drives that are a couple of hundred GBs in size.

    An 80 GB hard drive leaves approximately 50 GB for Web accounts usage. That would give enough room for about 5 of the above mentioned packages. At a price of $50.00 month it doesn't leave much left over after expenses. Situation is even worse with their Power #4 package - 36 GB of Web space. Even with a 120 GB or 160 GB hard drive, not many of those size accounts can be put on one Server without over selling.

    As there is no mention of over selling then one can only guess at what they are doing. Some Hosters do have a tendancy to over sell but for some reason, do not tell their Clients. - for all your Hosting needs
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    I will contact them to see there response to that
    Seems like a very valid point

    anything else that you would recommend asking?

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    well i am new here , but have been using volumehosting's reseller account for last 5 months. Supports not bad and i have had 99%+ uptime.

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    I was wondering whats there url
    I tried

    and page cannot be display...Or this might mean the website is down for some reason anyways.... would be nice to know if i was trying the right url...

    Good Luck

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    working fine here

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    The search feature up top is really good..

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