I have been browsing the forum for a week now, and see a lot of talented individuals here. A little bit about my company. We market to small and mid sized businesses on Long Island. We develop and design a complete internet solution, customized to every clients needs. We have 12 years of programming experience on a unix platform and are also familiar with asp, php, perl, c++ and jsp. We offer original, concise design (no templates.) My ability is in sales, that is, meeting with customers and selling the design, development and deployment of a project. Our client list has been growing and we see a need to expand our services. I have a few things to discuss:

First, I am looking for a talented, professional, punctual and organized partner/affiliate/sub-contractor that has experience in internet marketing, specifically SEO field. I have clients that operate in niche markets, which need marketing done, and are willing to pay for it. I would require an organized concise plan outlining the elements and assets going to be used in generating results. Also, including a matrix to display results and progress.

Second, we are offering our services to other designers that use shopping cart packages, and need modifications/customizations done. Any designer can provide a fully configured shopping cart, we will enable you to customize those features to your clients needs and demands. We would work as a sub contractor and work transparently in the background to create the software mods you need. As stated above, we are experienced in a variety of different programming languages and have hands on experience with several different shopping cart suites.

Finally, any web hosts, network administrators, or related fields that would like to partner, we offer 10-20% commission on every sale. We are an organized and professional business that stands behind every project we develop. We work very closely with our customers, and in doing so, offer the best service and quality of work. We donít undercut our ability in terms of rates.

If any topic strikeís your interest, please email me, and provide any pertinent information. Likewise, you can get further information by visiting our website, www.LC7.com You can contact me directly at louis at lc7.com
Thank You