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    Review Petals and Kettles

    Let me know what you think of this, and what could improve it's look and appeal.

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    To be honest, it doesnt look professional enough for me to part with my money.
    Negatives, well a .com would be more appropriate.
    The top header area looks too big.
    catagories is spelt wrong, should be categories
    Also I am lost as to what kettles has to do with flowers....?
    Well the association is not immediate.
    And last of all, it would be nice to be able to click on the pictures and see larger images.
    On a positive side, it is easy to navigate and easy to read.

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    The design is ok, but there is a lot of room for improvement. What software are you using?

    I don't really care for the brown borders. In fact, I think you can lose most of the border treatments.

    The product description text need to be resized. They're too big relative the the menu text.

    Speaking of menu, you don't need the horizontal menu at the top. The About and Contact info can be combined into one page. If you want to emphasize that you cater to the local Phoenix area, you can even put all that information in your Home page.

    And speaking of Home page, you should have one instead of using the Easter page. I assume you had intentions of rotating that since Easter has come and gone. Well, if your home page was a bit more generic you wouldn't need to worry about that as often. Just a section on the page for upcoming holidays.
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    This was something I really just put together for them, then again I did it for free. It was coded all in textpad. I'm not much of a designer, so I knew it wasn't very good. I should probably just get someone to design something for me.

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    Im not going to comment on the design.. because.. well. .its sad.
    so here goes:
    You dont have any process to order the products.
    It seems you want to handle it by email?
    Why not use paypal, or something like that, as a cart?

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