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    Just wondering if someone can give me their reviews on

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    I've had an overall good experience

    Hi guys,

    I have been with RackForce for over 3 months. I can tell you that overall, they seem good and a lot better and honest than other companies out there. My server has been up for over 72 days now.

    There were a few issues with packet loss (mainly due to DDOS attacks) but they did take corrective action. In fact, I have confidence that there is always someone there to take appropriate action, so I can sleep peacefully. I hope this doesn't sound like an advertisement for them but that is the good thing about them.

    They are professional and honest which is a rarity in this industry.

    Having said that, no one is perfect.........

    I paid extra for their "Premium Support" and it takes up to a few hours to get a response to a ticket (it is usually within minutes though). The first few people responding to my, tickets seem to know less than me about server management. But they are the "front line" people it seems, because it seems their NOC staff are excellent.

    I also had an issue with billing, however, I did leave a message on their answering machine and it was not returned. It also took several billing tickets to have my question resolved. I was not impressed by that. I am also slightly upset, at how my package has been upgraded for new customers but, not existing ones. They offer more disk space and better features and the new Plesk, which we haven't just been given. However, I'm going to contact them about this and I am fairly confident it will be resolved in a fair way.

    Other than that, things have been great and I previously had shared hosting which was unreliable and where the staff was horrible. *cough cough* XLInternet

    Overall, I give them 2 thumbs up. I'm really nitpicky, and I know for a fact most other DCs aren't as good. I pay much more for a NetNation server, and I can tell you they respond fast to tickets but that's it........the tickets are a result of their NOC staff misconfiguring the server.

    Hope that helps

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    can you give your website URL as well (or URL of a test file), so I can check speeds?
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    We've have excellent support of RackForce with reponce times of just 5-60 minutes.

    So far no network downtime and they always answer there phones.

    RackForce is a top class dedicated server provider and we highly recommend them.

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    Experience pretty good connection to your site, very fast and responsive.

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    Yer, I've never had any problems in connection issues.

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