Own a piece of the American Dream without leaving home. Your Own ISP a division of Lightwave Technologies, LLC., offers entreprueners all over the world the opportunity so become a US Based National Internet Service Provider! You can offer Internet Access services to residents and businesses across the United States and Canada without ever leaving your home country.

How is this possible? Your Own ISP ( http://www.YourOwnISP.com ) can provide everything from the dialup Internet connections, email, web hosting all the way down to the 24/7 end user technical support. Thatís right, we even answer the phones and help your customers when there is a problem with the services.

Of course general customer service, billing and the marketing/sales of your services is up to you.

This is NOT a reseller or affiliate program where you simply get a small finders fee, the customers remain yours and if you decide to move them to another wholesale service they can go with you. We do not even need to know the names, addresses or phone numbers of your customers.

For more info, see our website at http://www.YourOwnISP.com

Our phone number within the US and Canada is 888-230-5333 or if you are outside these countries feel free to email us with your questions or with your full phone number for a call back.