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    /tmp used to DDoS

    Hey guys,
    I have a server that keeps on being used to launch attacks on other people.
    What the person/script is doing is using /tmp to possibly run a script to send out many many packets out.
    Nocster then just shuts off my server and we co-operate with them to try to fix it. They have tried changing the permissions on /tmp, but then it seems like it happens again.
    It has happened almost 6 times now, and they are starting to get angry!!

    Any suggestions?


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    for files in /usr/local/apache/domlogs/*; do grep "wget" $files; done;
    might help find where they are getting in. I suggest hiring a company to check out your server and do a security audit on it.

    are just some of them. search around the forums for companys good with security
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    Mount /tmp and make it non executable.

    Have a nice day

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    How do you know for sure its /tmp?

    Make sure /var/tmp is also mounted as noexec.
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    Originally posted by AcuNett
    Make sure /var/tmp is also mounted as noexec.
    Often an idea to symlink /var/tmp to /tmp:

    rm -fR /var/tmp; ln -s /tmp /var/tmp
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    If this has happened 6 times, you may want to hire a qualified system administrator to manage your box for you.

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    Look at doing the following (after you wipe the system, restore the os, and restore from a backup made prior to the hack):

    * Disable telnet.
    * Limit SSH access to specific IP addresses.
    * Disable direct root login.
    * Remove unnecessary packages / software.
    * Harden the kernel against synflood and basic DOS attacks.
    * Remove common user access to compilers and fetching software (wget, fetch, lynx, etc.).
    * Ensure /tmp is in its own partition with noexec, nosuid.
    * Ensure kernel and software is up to date.
    * Remove unnecessary users and groups.
    * Install chkrootkit, logwatch, tripwire.
    * Install a firewall, and port scan detector.
    * For Apache servers, install mod_security and configure for use with FrontPage, PHPMyAdmin, Site Studio, and other common applications.
    * Secure DNS Servers
    * Utilize firewall automation to mitigate brute force FTP, syn floods, mail bombs, and out-of-network trojan’d servers from impacting your servers

    It is important to note that security is an ongoing venture. Even if you were to take all of the steps listed above, you would still have a regular routine of review, update, research, patch, etc.

    Thank you.
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    The hack you are seeing is done via PHP apps like PHP-Nuke

    I watched a server get hacked real time and they where downloading shell scripts and tarballs or DoS engines and more toys from a remote server and then execute the script and other toys as the user that the web server is running as 'nobody'.

    I have found all sorts of backdoor scripts, eggdrops, bnc and other nasty stuff. One set of files I looked over was also infected with a virus that would infect all the 'ELF' binaries on the server.

    After all of the files have been installed in /tmp a eggdrop bot will join a IRC channel and wait for commands on who to attack next or they are used for other illegal activities like helping distribute warez or stolen information.

    Some links.

    I still have the tarballs from one of the servers that got taken if anyone wants to see the various crap they use.

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