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    Paypal or Paysystems?

    Dear all,

    I am in the Uk and looking into taking small volumes through the web...via a 3rd part payment provider...which one would you rate and why? Paysystems or Paypal.

    I need to get the merchant a/c in GBP
    Also I need to reduce the level I pay in commission because small value and possible small volumes....



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    Paypal is a 3PP? Anyways, since this is a small business and you wont be taking in alot of money, I would go with paypal. They are secure and all that mumbo jumbo. Paysystems would cost you, and for a small business, Paypal would be much easier. Once you do move up and you start recieving more money, and in larger amounts, you will probablly want to go with a 3PP. I suggest CDGcommerce


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    Welcome to the forums Jazz999 - go with both of them.

    Why - because both are a little different. (Yes Philman 213 - Paypal is a third party process / aggregator) But Jazz999 - since you are in the UK - you are somewhat limited on your set-up. Get Paypal to have access to its members. And then get Paysystems as well to be able to accept credit cards on your site. Paypal gets a little stick about accepting credit cards online but with Paysystems - once you are arppoved by their underwriter - you will be able to accept them

    You can also check out

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    He can't go with CDGCOMMERCE as he stated the business is in England.

    I'd recommend Paypal (if the imcome is less than Ģ1,500 a month).


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    PayPal is still the best way to go, and they do process credit-cards on the fly, coreybryant info is not totally accurated. What they do, and is a GOOD thing, is that if the user puts wrong info on the CC form, they treat the user as he was creating a PayPal account. Asking for the codes they sent to the CC used. Otherwise, is just like a CC process, nothing else, is aproved right away. I know, cause I have several members on my site that got the CC processed right away, without having to go trought the PayPal registration process. From USA, UK, Italy and other countries. But some, that filled wrong info, had to go trought the PayPal process...


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    Actually what I was talking about - you have to have a premier or business account for your account (the merchant) to accept credit cards:

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    recommend Paypal

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    Thanks for you replies guys,

    But with Paypal one has to create an account with them etc

    This could be detriment to some buyers who don't want to do that ....

    Also why anything less than Ģ1500pmonth you would recomend paypal...why not paysytems?



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    Originally posted by Jazz999
    Thanks for you replies guys, But with Paypal one has to create an account with them etc Jaz
    That's what I'm trying to explain, this is not true. Please, read above ago again.

    Users only have to create the account if they failed to put correct info on the forms, and trust me, that's a GOOD thing. ;-)


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    Thanks for all the help and replies:

    I have now set my Paypal Account up and also have the Merchant Account with Paysystems (for which I still need to pay for)

    But I need to decide the amounts of commision charges.

    Paypal is obviously cheaper but Paysystems offer things like discounting and etc that paypal does not and vice versa.

    More info on my site:

    Client will pay money for educational material on my site , after payment is taken it should automatically update on the site and their account should be open to use.

    Can paypal do this?? Is it this IPN ??

    God this is confusing....

    Any views?

    Also has anyone dealt with Discounting, and coupons via paypal??

    (Issuing discounts to certain people etc...)



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    Yes you can use the IPN for that. Check out Paypal's forum & their FAQs for more info

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    i say paypal... very easy to use but dont keep more than $300 in your account! THEY STEAL!!

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    Perhaps some real information will help.

    PayPal ? Live video feed CBS News warning:

    Think PayPal is fair? Here the AUDIO conversation:

    All this was found on

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    We had the discussion today, PayPal only proccesses CCīs directly (and does NOT require your clients to signup for an account with them) if you have a US merchant or Business account with them. Clients from international merchant accounts still need to signup for PayPal. However, they say it will also work for international clients soon.

    As far as for problems, very simple, I didnīt have any for over 1,5 years I am using them now (and I do high-amount transfers). I got an email from them last week saying that my account is limited (the only thing I couldnīt do in this period is to close it) until I verify it with faxing them my passport and sending 1 Euro to my account via banktransfer (this is because they have to verify you because of a EU-Law, when you received a specific amount of payments). I can only say that the process was DEAD easy, I faxed everything over minutes later and the PayPal system automatically regonized I had send the fax. 2 days later everything was back to normal.

    My resume is, PayPal is a great thing if you work hand in hand with them (and donīt forget how much paperwork other merchant accounts require you to do before even signing up), has a nice protection against fraud and most of the people that complain about them are fraudulent (PayPal protected me 3 times from these kind of people already). Also remember they you can INSTANTLY withdraw the money you received, other merchants have hold-backs for up to 6 months for received CC payments.

    If they now start offering the "no signing-up required" for clients of international merchants too, I can only say they are unbeatable.

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    Additional the guy who did the audio-interview (who sounds like he had to use the creditcard of his parents and their permission to signup at PayPal) above does not seem very educated about how recharges work for VISA payments at all. Normally their can be a 6month hold-back for such cases until you see ANY money with other merchant provider. Additional every VISA client on this earth has the right to chargeback any transactions done, 6 months after he did them without a problem. So that PayPal even offers you to withdraw the money to your bank account directly after receiving it makes PayPal carry a big risk already - which is pretty fair from them in my opinion.

    Additional he should read the PayPal TOS before starting a account with them and then start complaining on the phone. Donīt believe a bank that does your credit card processing would even start to discuss with you on this topic. Some people should really grow-up or not be allowed to use PayPal.
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    I think PayPal would be a good solution for you if you are looking to process small volumes from the U.K. For a higher volume, more "industrial-level" solution, WorldPay or PaySystems may be more suitable. - Trusted Merchant Account Solutions since 1998
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    paypal for sure

    Honestly, I've used both paypal and paysystems. Paypal is a bit more professional looking and the fees are lower than paysystems.

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    Well, Paypal changed just recently, to allow non-Paypal members to sign up, which was definatly a major complaint, I use (& develop) applications for Paypal, & I havnt personally had any problems over several years of buying & selling, havnt tried Paysystems, (and admitedly my opinion is a bit biased) but - only good things to report, from my experiences w/Paypal.

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    PayPal is better choice for Non-us.

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    paypal doesn't work for all countries if you're targeting international market.
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    I hate paypal, that take to much money off the money... lol works well if you dont mind not having control of when money is sent to you

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