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Thread: Go Go Spam Laws

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    Go Go Spam Laws

    Some arrests made under the new spam laws. We should give them Paul Hannifens information.

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    Hey thats a good idea.

    Anyone see The Daily Show with Jon Stewart's segment about a spammer who claimed people like to get his, as he describes it, "...mass purposely directed emails..." and then called it "...spamming..." a few seconds later?... Simply hilarious.

    Oh, by the way, Steven (the reporter) asks for his private email address then he asks if he will play that recorded part on air, he say's no and flashes the text across the screen. Very funny and ironic.

    Maybe the people going to jail right now will go the Scott Richter (a spammer) route... Launch his own clothing line.

    There is several possiblities they could all go.
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    lol sucks for the spammers

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