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    * Advertise on Hosting Directory

    Host Spotlight currently has some open advertising space that we would like to fill.

    At the moment, Host Spotlight is receiving an average of 366 unique visitors for the month of April.

    All visitors are currently being gathered from:

    - Google Adwords
    - 2 targeted banner campaigns
    - Text links on various high profile websites

    *Note that our website is currently not listed within google which is why we have yet to be assigned a PR rating.


    Advertising positions available are:
    (4) 120 x 60 Button Positions / $60 per month
    - These are the 4 button positions which can be seen down the left side of all pages.

    (4) 88 x 31 Homepage Button Positions / $35 per month
    - These are the 4 buttons located on the homepage under the "
    Hosting Spotlight - Web Host of the Month" box.

    (3) 88 x 31 Website Button Positions / $25 per month
    - Located on the right hand side of the website just under the 120 x 600 ad. These are on all pages of the website.


    I'll be keeping the post updated with how many spots remain, and 1 thing I did want to mention is no matter how many visitors we increase to, the price you pay today will be LOCKED IN FOR 1 YEAR. This means that when we reach 2000+ uniques a day lets say, you'll still be paying the same price.

    For purchasing, please visit:

    Jeff Piper

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    Spots still available.

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