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    Urgent! FTP Server


    I'm having some serious trouble with our ftp server, running on a windows 2000 server with iis5. Ok! have have about 250 ftp accounts setup in iis5, now whenever any of those clients log's into their ftp account all of the 250 accounts point to one ftp account? why??? i've checked everything i can think of. Please advise me as to go about this.

    Thank you! in advance

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    Step by step, but basically you have to create a virtual ftp site for each account and link it to each domain.
    [url]I got nothing/url]

    For clarity's sake, don't use "<ip address of hostname>" use the ACTUAL 32-bit numeric IP address of the machine.

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    Giving 250 people FTP access wont create and grant ownership to folders, wont set permissions either.

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