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    RESELLER ----- 60gigs space---1000gigs bw $50/m + much more

    ElanceHosting Now Offers:

    WHT Special:


    60GB Space
    1000GB Transfer

    All for ONLY: $50.00/m USD
    WHT Special2:


    6GB Space
    120GB Transfer

    All for ONLY: $9.95/m USD


    Best of all, this is a reseller plan! You can now resell all this space and bandwidth and be on your way to a successful web hosting company!

    This offer is for WHT members ONLY! This isn't posted on, not on ebay, nowhere BUT HERE!


    Server Specs:
    Operating System: RedHat Linux 9.0
    Processor: Intel Pentium IV 2.6GHz. with Hyper Threading
    Memory: 1GB ECC DDRAM.
    Hard Drives: Multiple 120GB EIDE 7200RPM
    Control Panel: CPanel 8 / WHM

    Reseller Plan Information

    Features Included for all the reseller
    Host Unlimited Domains
    Create your own Packages
    Anonymous Name servers
    Suspend/unsuspended Accounts
    WHM (Reseller Panel)
    Delete/modify Accounts
    CPanel (Clients Panel)
    Change Passwords, Bandwidth
    Email Features
    Unlimited POP3 Accounts
    Web Based Email Access
    Unlimited Mailing Lists
    Unlimited Private SMTP Servers
    Unlimited Auto responders
    Unlimited Mail Blockers
    Unlimited Forwarders
    Access Features
    Unlimited FTP Accounts
    Server Side Includes (SSI)
    Web-based File Manager
    Frontpage Ext., FREE Shared SSL
    Advanced Features
    Unlimited MySQL Databases
    CGI-BIN, TCL, .htaccess
    Unlimited Domain Pointers
    phpMyAdmin Access
    Private Nameservers≥
    Perl Version 5.61
    Unlimited Sub-domains
    Web Logs & Reports
    Password Protected Directories
    11 Pre-installed cgi Scripts
    Chat Room
    XMB Pre-installed Forum
    Shopping Carts (OS commerce, Interchange, agora)

    We accept paypal.

    To order through the special ordering form please go here:

    Contact Info
    Email: [email protected]
    AIM: ElanceMike, ElanceBrian, ElanceTim, ElanceFred
    MSN: [email protected]

    Once order is received please allow 5-10 minutes for set-up
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    its a huge reseller account...we have multiple hardrives and 100mbit connectiong going to our yes it is shared....

    you get 60gig of space to yourself...

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    Can you resell reseller accounts??

    is this just a special, or something you offer as a normal package? Hosting And Web Design For Small Businesses!
    Your Hosting Company!

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    It is a special...

    You can resell resellers...but we do not give root access anymore because of past problems...if you would us the reseller you want created....and it will be created for you ASAP. I am sorry, but we no longer give root access. Sorry.

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    Sounds good

    How long would this offer last for?

    Would you terminate an account if I use up 60GB?

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    Yes. We will monitor you as you are using it, and if we see you are about to go over, we warn you to buy more space/bandwidth (whichever it is), and if you choose not to upgrade...we terminate you when use what you had.

    This offer lasts for the of MAY.

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    So basically I cannot fill up the 60GB / 1000GB BW?

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    How many resellers do you put on that server?

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    Ooo you can fill up the 60GB and 1000GB. I am just saying, when you look like you are looking to go over...we will contact you to tell you and see if you want to upgrade.

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    we put maybe two or three big resellers and a few small ones on it tops.

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    any uptime guarantee?

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    Yes, if it goes below 98% and not from system restart or upgrades and such (which you are informed before happening). You a part of your money back depending on how long we were down for.

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    "Couple of questions regarding this deal.

    If or when the 60GB/1000GB Bandwidth is used up how much does it cost to
    purchase more? Is there some kind of backup option? Is this a
    temporary deal (meaning in 6 months will the price go up considerably)?
    What can and cannot be hosted?"

    Cost to upgrade is $70/m for another 1000gigs of bandwidth and $40/m for 500gigs. And $25/m for each 60 gigs of space. Backups are made daily, at no cost extra. No, there is no temporary deal...its pay that price until the existence of your account. We dont allow: Videos, warez, or mp3 hosting.

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    How much is it for 20 GB, 250 GB Bandwidth ?
    Any trial accounts ?



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    No, we do not have trial accounts, but we do give 30 day money-back guarentee's. ill give you 20gigs space and 250gigs bandwidth for $28/m.

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    A conversation from a soon to be client on AOL:

    VManLiam: hi are you able to talk or are you busy?#
    ElanceMike: i am here
    ElanceMike: how are you
    VManLiam: hi, i am wondering where i can find information on the resseller hosting on elance, im fine thanks how are you today?
    ElanceMike: well as of now...we offer all our shared plans as resellers
    VManLiam: wow really?
    ElanceMike: yes
    VManLiam: so if i got the special plan i could pay you the $10 (rounded up) every month and it comes with a WHM i guess to split the hosting up?
    ElanceMike: yes it comes with whm
    VManLiam: thats amazing!
    ElanceMike: haha, thank you
    VManLiam: my current host is asking for $13.99 a month and its not even close to your special plan!
    ElanceMike: Well, may i put this up on WHT to tell other users this?
    VManLiam: although i can pay him on paypal which i cant do with you guys..and you dont accept solo cards online either that would be a bit of a bother...
    ElanceMike: Like this conversation?
    ElanceMike: we accept paypal
    VManLiam: WHT?
    VManLiam: and ah sweet you accept paypal
    ElanceMike: yes
    VManLiam: whats WHT may i ask?
    VManLiam: ah right
    ElanceMike: the forum
    VManLiam: sure if you want
    ElanceMike: may i post this conversation there?
    VManLiam: thats where i found you guys
    ElanceMike: ok great
    ElanceMike: thanks
    VManLiam: id be happy to help in any way your hosting is...undescribably great
    ElanceMike: well thank you!
    VManLiam: i think i may even transfer to you guys
    VManLiam: dam i wish i found you sooner
    ElanceMike: ok well we can move your current accounts to our servers
    ElanceMike: at no charge
    VManLiam: top bannanas!
    ElanceMike: haha

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    Just curious is this one of your last offers also ?

    If it was, then i'm not so sure about you anymore


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    yesterday i order "WHT Special2" and since today i got no reply. What should i do in this case? They had to setup it yesterday, but.. and i have to live without it all this day? Should i call to the bank for cash-back? or..
    hurrryypup! :)
    p.s. what can it mean, when site is closed for quit long time?elancehostingcom

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    I sent an e-mail to your yahoo address yesterday but have not received a response back. I want to check out a few things first. I can't seem to get you on AIM either.


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    yahoo address? i do not have a yahoo address...its at hotmail

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    Sorry, I meant hotmail address. I did send it there. Did you not receive it?

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    Originally posted by jml3188
    Sorry, I meant hotmail address. I did send it there. Did you not receive it?
    I think they got... i already registered and waiting... its ...hmm... already a week since i paid. I got no reaply. Wrote more then one email...heh. They have quit nice customer support(quick )

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    Probably. They are just starting it looks like, though. It may be better when they get up and running.

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    You are too good to be true...

    How come you don't have a proper web site where people can order from ???

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    Well, it is probably that they are just starting. Either way, I would not deal with them. Appearantly, e-view registered and paid a while back and still no account (from the last I heard). I sent an e-mail a week about and no response.

    I signed up with a different host!

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