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    Accepting Projects/Jobs

    I'm now available for HTML, CSS, PHP, and CGI/Perl jobs of any size. For a short portfolio; I have over six years experience with the languages I have just listed except PHP, I have only four months experience with PHP.

    I work with four web design companies, so my time is kind of limited. If you need quick and cheap coding, please email me at:

    [email protected] or [email protected]

    I have AIM, MSN, and Yahoo which are all set to private, so I must add you first. If you wish, simply email me your username(s) and I'll add you to my list.

    Thanks for reading my post.

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    Miami, Florida
    Hey guys, I have had work donr from procgi, He finished the work before the deadline, and the code was flawless, worked great on my site.
    Oh, and the prices for his jobs are fantastic.
    A+ for this guy :-D

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