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    Game Server Admin. (Linux & Win2k3)

    Looking for a Game Server administrator to manage several boxes both windows server 2003 and linux. They should be able to adapt to 3rd party software already used by us, good general technical skills, experience running and tweaking game servers, and good people skills and grammar.

    Job would consist of server installation, client and pre-client questions, OS management, modifications & addons, problem diagnosis with server problems, tweak game servers for greater performance and resource management.

    Offereing payment options based on a per job basis or salary.

    PM me if interested.

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    Hey, can this work be done remotely?

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    The work can be done from home, most communication through messenger services and private voice servers if needed. Ability to give support via IRC is also something we may look for in a prospect.

    Tech will be given access to remotely admin servers.

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    I would love to do this, as you see in my signature I have tons of experience in such a field

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