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    Exclamation How discouraging... But I guess reality is.

    Here is my story.

    Lets see, where to start.....

    Okay I guess I will just throw it out there. I haven't had much experience with webhosting. And I wish I had found this forum before making a bad decision. Instead I made that decision and am now a victim of fraud. I did however notice this forum about half way into my experience with my host and noticed that others had problems with the same guy too. (The guy posing as a big corporation but was just that one guy) His website was pretty impressive and looked proffessional so I trusted it.

    It turned out that this was not only one guy, but that he was also a criminal. i.e. using credit card info to sign up for PayPal accounts in his clients names.

    It was this forum that saved me from a major credit card problem. I read a post that someone else might be a victim of fraud from this crook, so I changed all of my credit card information. However, PayPal informs me that he made attempts to charge through the account he created.

    I know this is a long post but bare with me......

    As you may have noticed I did not mention the name of the host in question.... This is because it is not the focus of my post.

    So, after my experience with him, I go on my merry way looking for another host. This time with the intent on finding a truley honest and quality host armed with the knowledge that things are not what they seem. i.e. just because a site looks professional means nothing.

    In my search I found several hosts that looked promising. But after a little research I found that they were not who or what they seemed. I am saddened by this dishonesty.

    Shouldnt this be as easy as subscribing to an ISP? What happened to the honest companies who do and can give what they promise? Do they exisist anymore?

    I know that some of this is due to the great and wonderful accessability of the internet. Anyone can lease a 'box' and boom they are now a webhosting giant! Without education or experience that it takes to keep it running.

    If someone wants to help me, please do. I know I am a noob here. Maybe my comments are out of line, but I am on my 20th hour of research and see no resolution.

    Thank you to whoever makes these forums possible, you saved me alot of additional heartache and financial distress!

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    Shouldnt this be as easy as subscribing to an ISP?
    -Not exactly. Most of the time signing up for internet access is limited by your area/region. Since '96(passing of telecommunications act) There is a lot more new companies popping up, however most are resellers of larger companies, who cant pay to lay down hudreds of miles of cable plant(fiber,coax). But it still doesnt resemble web hosting. As that is not limited by your physical location. You can host sites in almost any country you choose.
    What happened to the honest companies who do and can give what they promise?
    -There are lots of them out there.
    Do they exisist anymore?
    - Yes.

    I wont give you advice or direct you to who you should look at. But you are in a good place to start looking. Just keep in mind that every post you read about people here should be taken with a grain of salt. Most of the times, happy customers are not going to be ones looking for hosting forums to talk about the company they do business with.
    Your comments arent really out of line
    Good luck in your search.

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    There are plenty of great honest hosts out there. I would suggest maybe calling the web host before you sign up with them and checking the forums here for any info on that host.
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    So, who is this guy posting here and pretending to be a big host, that engages in these fraudulent activities. If you have solid proof, you'd better expose him here and contact the appropriate authorities, so no more people fall victim to his scams. - affordable multiple domain hosting solutions
    Reliability and Customer Service are our focus!

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    As far as I know the guy running is not aware of this forum. I am unsure of whether he knows the trouble he is in. But like I said, I didn't want to make that the focus and direction my post went in. I was really looking more for help. I really am in desparate need of a good honest reliable host.

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    Yes I agree with Yassi, that kind of behavior is to serious even to be called a *scam*. I think he is lucky if nobody has reported him to the FBI.

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    I recall someone posting some time ago a forum thread recommending ( In their own words of course, yet still trustworthy ) a very good top 10 list of hosts you couldn't go wrong with, anyone recall that thread?
    - Tim

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    There has been quite a few similar threads. And most get closed or closed and hidden as they get carried away.

    I found one that was popular and is since closed.
    This had a persons review of about 30 different hosts. But. It did get kinda carried away...hence why it was closed.

    I recommend using the Host Quote, or check the Shared Offers forum and then contact prospective hosts and ask questions. Take your time. Do your research and then you should be happy with your choice.

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    Let me thank you all for your help. Please, if anyone else has useful information to help me find an honest, reliable host it would be greatly apreciated.

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    What end of the spectrum are you looking at? I mean in terms of cost/reliability, et al.
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    Dont give up Hitman.
    You ran into one of the rotten eggs of hosting, but even if they are around does not mean that all hosts are.

    I suggest you check this website as it has lots of good advice for choosing a good webhost as well as reviews of some good ones:

    Hope it gives you some advice.

    Reliable and honest host are plentyful around here, so just give us an idea of what you are looking for and we will give some advice on where to start looking.

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    Originally posted by iTec Hosts
    I recommend using the Host Quote, or check the Shared Offers forum and then contact prospective hosts and ask questions. Take your time.
    Exactly, take your time. You are doing the right thing by researching potential hosts and trying to find information about them before signing up. Talk to them directly and ask the questions that are important to you. Ask about their business, how many staff,etc. if those are important to you. There are a tremendous amount of companies that pose to be something they are not. Your research will pay off and a host will treat you right.

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    Re: How discouraging... But I guess reality is.

    Originally posted by [GS]HiTMaN
    just because a site looks professional means nothing.
    I feel your pain as i have been the brunt of a few of these looks good but sucks web sites. Problem is, anyone can pay $40 for a flash animated, super jazzy site layout and people think a big corp. produced it. So here's my rule of thumb: If it looks really, really nice and really shouldn't (i.e. not a hollywood production site or one of the bigs like Coke or Mercedes) I avoid it at all costs.

    This is especially true if there is some crap javascript going on or no back-end code that would seem to go along with such a site.

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    Yes..... you have hot specified what type of host you are looking for.....

    But do bare in mind there can never be things like 100% uptime or 1000gb space for $5 a year....
    Because one day or another the server would have to come down for maintance..... Technology runs too fast....

    SO what is it you are looking for? Small companies? Medium establishments? Large Coporations??
    ( bear in mind the cost.... the big it gets the more staff they need and the more you would pay for the same service that a small or medium sized organisation can easily provide... )
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