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    Apr 2004

    * Double billing?

    hi everybody,
    few days ago I applied for opening a shared hosting account with
    The first weird thing was that I didn't receive any confirmation email at all after completing the payment form but just a recapitulation screen of my order in which was saying to print, sign and fax them back within a photocopy of my c. card.
    After few days I received the following email:


    We have received your fax containing the information requested to authorize your transaction. Your domain has now been authorized to use our signup forms without requiring a faxed verification. To complete your order, please go to https:[slash slash]secure[DOT]webmasters[DOT]com, select the appropriate form in the top menu, and click on GO. Sorry, but you will need to complete the same form(s) again (both for Domain Registration and Hosting if applicable), as your previous transaction was completely voided from our system. You have our assurance that your credit card or bank account WAS NOT previously charged, and you will only be charged once upon completion of each order.

    If you have any questions or problems regarding this transaction, please feel free to contact us at billing[AT]webmasters[DOT]com. Thank you for selecting WEBMASTERS.COM as your web host, we look forward to serving you!

    Best regards,

    Billing Department <<<<

    It seems a bit tricky and I'm reluctant to go through the payment form again.
    Has anybody been through the same as me?

    Comments about
    Please I need some advice or your opinion.
    Thank you


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    In my case the registartion form failed. I did fax them what they asked, but the online registration form still did not work. In the end they did not insist on me filling it again.

    The mere fact that you fill the form twice does not mean you are being charged twice.

    On a side note, I had to abandon them after a couple of month. They decided to enable a Safe Mode in PHP, and osCommerce hates it. The fact that they changed it without advance notice or consulting with customers pissed me so badly.

    Regards, S

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    move on

    Wow! It sounds like you need to move. I wouldn't do business with them.

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    Sorry you had a bad experience! Hopefully you will resolve this situation has anyone else had problems with these guys?

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