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    Hmm... curious...

    I'm curious to this.

    I notice that a lot of people are ordering their dedicated servers from companies that also offer shared web hosting.

    I am just curious as to, are you not concerned about this? Maybe that your client will go with that company instead if they find out that you infact have your servers from a company that also offers shared hosting?

    Personally, I would try as much to go with a company that does not offer shared hosting as well to avoid things like that happening, however I've seen a few posts about companies that offer both shared hosting and dedicated servers - which is really what makes me post this.

    I'm just curious as to what your thoughts are on this subject, if you're willing to share of course.

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    personally, i think it is a sucky deal.
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    I think the same way, I dont want to buy my servers from a company who can possibly take my business or future business.


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    I don't think it should concern you. If you do your job, they will never leave.

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    If they're paying $14.95 with me and my dedicated server company offers the same for $5.00. Cut out the's human nature even if you're doing your job. I'm not worried either way I'm beating about 85% of the competition anyways INCLUDING my dedicated server company.


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    Well, it depends. It would only bother you if you cannot provide any additional value-added which would sway the customers towards you. If you can differientiate your plans so that they are unique, provide a better service support level and basically provide a better customer experience, I am sure that it does not matter if your web host offers shared hosting too. Of course, what is important is to find one web host which is professional enough to respect your business instead of trying to 'steal' your business. - Offering Batch Image Processing and TIFF/PDF Software Solutions

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    That would be like asking Reseller Hosting companies are they worried. The people selling the Dedicated servers go to the same lengths as we do to hide ourselves from our Resellers customers. There would be no advantage for us to take their customers as that hurts their business and if we hurt their business then we will lose it.

    All depends on how you look at it. We have customers asking daily when our Dedicated servers will be ready as they are comfortable with our services, pricing and support.

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    If you have your own dedicated server, your shared customers never have to know who hosts you...

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    If you have your own dedicated server, your shared customers never have to know who hosts you...
    A network IP whois check will display your provider's name

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    We were hesitant to offer shared services just for this reason. In the past, we always had a $50/mo account minimum and didn't list our shared servers on our website.

    What we did was list virtual services at payed yearly only. Also, after some discussion we felt that the majority of people buying small virtual accounts don't know how to check whois information, and just don't care. joe's pizza and Bob's clan site usually have trouble using FTP, much less researching who your provider is.

    I'm concerned as you are, because the last thing I want to do is cut our reseller's neck. We list our prices higher on the site than we offer wholesale to resellers to help protect them. But, I'm interested in seeing both sides of this issue worked out. That is a valid concern.

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    Wow people feel quite strong about this. Both sides. For me I'm very confident with the service and support we supply to our customers. I'm not worried at all, just giving my 2 cents.

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