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    Your website redesigned or designed in return for a link on your site

    Note to Moderator: I appologise if this is not allowed, but I have checked the rules and I can't see that it violates them.

    Business Offer: I am offering to create a new taylor made bespoke website for your business or upgrade/revamp your existing website in return for a link for a limited period of time on your front page.

    Website type we can create: CMS solutions, scripts, e commerce sites all manner of programming. I'm offering a website of up to about 40 hours.

    I am only interested at the moment in selecting *one person only* as it costs alot to create a website and we don't have unlimited resources, if advertising in return for work idea works out then we may consider others.

    Conditions: You must have been established for a minimum of 1 year. Must be able to have a decent page rank for your selected keywords. Must be willing to put a tasteful and proper advert on your front page, not just a link, but a proper banner, *small banner* but it must be visible and the period of time would be agreed, eg depending upon the volume of work we do for you etc.

    Any interested parties please contact me: [email protected]

    *this offer is purely trade/swap it is not of a financial nature*.

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    I'd be interested in your suggestions for It's set-up well over two years and has a PR of 5.

    I'm happy with the design but would be interested in anything you could provide in relation to improving the site's functionality.

    Would be happy to include your banner and to give feedback on your work, here or elsewhere.

    Looking forward to your reply.


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    Thanks for interest shown. Initially as I am a new company I am more interested in building up a portfolio of work as my marketing strategy is a very old business model. eg. *word of mouth*. At least here in the UK 80% of all business is done via recommendations or referrels, and each client is our best source of advertising. Hence why I'm offering to do a few sites in exchange for links.

    I'm not knew in marketing or business but I'm new in IT as you can tell from my posts, however the guys working in my company are *not* new at all, they have a wealth of experience. Here is the various skill sets regarding programming. We also have a couple of fine art guys as well on the design front.

    programming skill sets:

    Programming Languages
    Visual C++ / MFC
    VB, ASP
    .SQL, Forms 9i
    Power Builder.
    HTML,.PHP, Perl / CGI., XML
    Java Script, VB Script

    Windows DNA / .Net.
    COM/DCOM, ActiveX, OLE, MTS
    J2EE, J2SE. J2ME
    EJB (Enterprise Java Beans), JSP & Java Servlet
    Wireless / Mobile Technologies
    WAP/WML/WML Script

    Databases / RDBMS
    Oracle (PL/SQL, OCI)
    MS SQL Server, Microsoft Access
    Sybase, PostgreSQL, mySQL

    OS / Platforms
    MS Windows NT / 95 / 98 / 2000 / XP
    Unix( All Flavors)
    SUN Solaris

    Application / Web Servers
    IBM WebSphere
    Microsoft IIS
    BEA WebLogic
    Netscape Application Server
    Commerce Server 2000
    Oracle 9i AS

    Programming and other Tools
    Symantec Visual Cafe
    IBM VisualAge, J Builder, Kawa
    Visual Studio.Net
    Microsoft .NET Mobile Web SDK
    Lotus Notes

    Software Engineering Tools
    Rational ROSE, Rational Purify
    Rational Clear Case, Rational SQA Suite
    ErWin , ER Studio
    MS Visual Modeler, Microsoft Project
    Visual SourceSafe & SourceOffSite
    SilkTest, SQA suite, Winrunner, Load runner

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