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    SERVERMATRIX SUCKS --- very rude throughout my experience. staff know NOTHING.


    I was interested in getting a new server from ServerMatrix but as we were talking they suddenly denied service to me! What was that about??

    I had asked if it was possible to transfer client from Plesk 6 to a new server with them into Plesk 7. They didnt know the answer and because of that they were very rude and denied me service.

    Go check out their live help and ask them a question that isn't answered on their website. They just send you right back to their website. I'll say something like
    "I see your server includes statistics, is there more information?"
    and they'd reply with
    "Yes, all of our servers include statistics"
    and that's it.

    That's how they answer every question given to them. I'm just posting my conversation with them for reference. I can get past the retarded sales people they hire but they've denied me service SIMPLY BECAUSE THEY COULDN'T ANSWER MY QUESTION!

    Hello Ready_To_Order,

    Below is the complete transcript of your chat session:
    Company: Server Matrix
    Department: Server Matrix Sales
    Name: Server Matrix Sales #2
    Email: [email protected]
    Day: Thu 04/29/04 :47 pm
    "ready to order"
    ** You are now speaking with Server Matrix Sales #2, Server Matrix
    Sales. **
    Server Matrix Sales #2 : Hello
    Ready_To_Order : hello i just have a few quick questions
    Server Matrix Sales #2 : sure :0)
    Ready_To_Order : I have a Plesk 6 server but I want a new Plesk 7
    server with your company
    Ready_To_Order : but i need to transfer all my accounts
    Ready_To_Order : how would i do this?
    Server Matrix Sales #2 : Did you perhaps just speak with another
    salesperson here?
    Ready_To_Order : no i've been tryin to get through with no luck
    Ready_To_Order : i restarted my computer and got through this time
    Ready_To_Order : so it must have been on my side, no biggie
    Ready_To_Order : but im ready to order today i just wanted to confirm a few thigns
    Server Matrix Sales #2 : did you just send in an email? What is your company name?
    Ready_To_Order : sorry back
    Ready_To_Order : yes i just got a response saying "I am sorry but we are not going to be able to assist you with services at
    Ready_To_Order : this time."
    Ready_To_Order : i read on that transfering from Plesk 6 server to a new Plesk 7 can be done
    Ready_To_Order : would that be through the backup utility?
    Server Matrix Sales #2 : It is possible but I would go to the Plesk
    website to be sure
    Ready_To_Order : lol am i talking to you through email too?
    Server Matrix Sales #2 : not me
    Ready_To_Order : oh okay well they didn't know the answer i guess
    Server Matrix Sales #2 : I have been told that we cannot assist you
    Ready_To_Order : live help staff are always so much better trained,
    that's why i like the livehelp over email
    Server Matrix Sales #2 : sorry
    Server Matrix Sales #2 : in buying
    Ready_To_Order : Oh if the server I'm interested in is no longer
    available I dont mind selecting a new one.
    Ready_To_Order : oh ill go through the website's secure ordering to
    order i understand it cant be done through livehelp
    Ready_To_Order : which server is no longer available? i was looking
    at the P4 servers
    Server Matrix Sales #2 : I'm sorry but I have been told that we
    cannot offer our services at this time
    Ready_To_Order : management?
    Ready_To_Order : oh i can do the management of the server myself
    Ready_To_Order : that's okay
    Ready_To_Order : hmm well if the P4 servers aren't available I could
    select another one
    Ready_To_Order : which server is your most popular?
    Server Matrix Sales #2 : I'm sorry but I have been told that we
    cannot sell our services to you
    Ready_To_Order : what??
    Ready_To_Order : i'm doing the management and the transferring
    Ready_To_Order : i just needed to make sure i could transfer before
    paying all that money
    Ready_To_Order : hmm your site says the P4 servers are still
    Ready_To_Order : yeah i can order on your site here
    Ready_To_Order : its working
    Ready_To_Order : is the ordering system not working?
    Ready_To_Order : no its working its being processed or something
    Ready_To_Order : hello
    Ready_To_Order : is it not safe to order?
    Server Matrix Sales #2 : hello
    Ready_To_Order : hi thanks
    Server Matrix Sales #2 : you did place an order?
    Ready_To_Order : all set to go! very exciting
    Server Matrix Sales #2 : what is your company name?
    Ready_To_Order : im still kind of deciding, for now its just my own
    sites on there. 14 domains or so
    Ready_To_Order : oh sorry 15 once i pick a company name
    Ready_To_Order : should i do that first?
    Server Matrix Sales #2 : Well what is your name so we can look for it

    Ready_To_Order : is that what you meant?
    Ready_To_Order : its being processed its all good
    Ready_To_Order : thanks for your help, i dont think i should have
    trouble transferring the 14 sites
    Server Matrix Sales #2 : we have to verify all orders
    Ready_To_Order : you can phone me if you would liek
    Ready_To_Order : the number was listed
    Server Matrix Sales #2 : if I know your name I will go look for it
    Ready_To_Order : it was funny though...Plesk sent me to you, then you me to them. lol
    Ready_To_Order : but its okay i understand it now
    Server Matrix Sales #2 : Is your name Trent?
    Ready_To_Order : please dont cancel the order
    Ready_To_Order : i have big plans up ahead
    Ready_To_Order : why are you denying service to me? id manage and
    transfer everything myself
    Your party has left this session.
    Your party has left this session.
    Ready_To_Order : well this will be sent to WEBHOSTINGTALK right now.
    towards the end of the conversation i was just pushing them to accept my order. they CANCELLED IT!!!!!

    **************I have read how so many people were simply denied service with this company because they asked questions. Does this company expect us to just hand over money without knowing what's going on? They also told me their Plesk 7 wasn't a REAL plesk 7 but something else. That is why the backups wouldn't work.

    This company gives out a big company image but when it comes down to it, you can see it's run by only a few....and those few don't know s***.

    Thanks for your time,
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    BTW I didn't post this to cause trouble or anything...if servermatrix is willing to take back their denial of service to me then I am still willing to order....ONLY because I'd be managing myself. I'd hate to ask them another simple question or they might send out a hitman on me this time. haha :|


    Ask for the name of the person you're speaking with and you'll never get an answer. Questions that they dont want to answer or they dont know the answer WONT GET AN ANSWER. They'll simply ignore it.

    TRY IT! TRY IT! Ask them questions that aren't answered on their site and they'll give you the runaround or say their screen froze...(how does their screen freeze but they can still go ahead and tell me their computer froze....and still not answer the question)

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    They have every right to deny service to you.  Posting a private conversation in a public forum is unprofessional or bad taste to say the least. 

    To me it sounds like you are doing whatever it takes to badmouth a quality company.

    Derrick - High Quality Reseller/ Multiple Domain Hosting.
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    I did not realize it was in bad taste to post a conversation. Did you read it? Please read it and then post your comments i dont want to hear what you think if you're not willing to hear what I think.

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    I read your post, and the chat log. Like I said they have every right to refuse service to you.

    Servermatrix is a good company with hundreds of happy customers here at WHT that I have personally talked to. (I am not a SM customer myself).

    Derrick - High Quality Reseller/ Multiple Domain Hosting.
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    It seems you contacted them before. I would like to see those conversations. By what I read, it seems you did something in one of the previous conversations.

    They said they be having trouble with fraud orders lately. Maybe something in one of the previous conversations set them off into thinking it was a fraud order.
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    Derrick...could you tell me what exactly I did to have my service denied? I posted this hours after it all happened. I am trying to be fair here Derrick, I'm not here to simply bash.

    I just feel this public announcement of how I was treated is a very fair way to recieve a response from ServerMatrix. I did nothing wrong and have not left out any details.

    Feel free to let me know what I did Derrick...thanks
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    What is your name, they kept asking you that yet you wouldn't give them an answer.
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    Oh if the server I'm interested in is no longer available I dont mind
    selecting a new one. You have a great selection.


    ----- Original Message -----
    From: "Server Matrix" <[email protected]>
    To: <[email protected]>
    Cc: <[email protected]>
    Sent: Thursday, April 29, 2004 3:31 PM
    Subject: RE: Transfer Servers

    > I am sorry but we are not going to be able to assist you with services at
    > this time.
    > Thank You for your interest in Server Matrix
    > -----Original Message-----
    > From: [email protected] [mailto:[email protected]]
    > Sent: Thursday, April 29, 2004 4:29 PM
    > Subject: Re: Transfer Servers
    > If I backup an account in Plesk 6 then use the backup utility in Plesk 7
    > would that work? I know it only does one site at a time but it should
    > Mark
    > ----- Original Message -----
    > From: "SERVER MATRIX" <[email protected]>
    > To: "'Mark'" <[email protected]>; <[email protected]>
    > Sent: Thursday, April 29, 2004 3:20 PM
    > Subject: RE: Transfer Servers
    > Thank you for your interest in Server Matrix. I'm sorry you were having
    > trouble getting through to someone in chat. Normally you should not have a
    > problem. Plesk does offer migration tools, however the Plesk that we
    > does not offer this. You could either contact Plesk, or
    > could move the domains manually.
    > -----Original Message-----
    > From: Mark [mailto:[email protected]]
    > Sent: Thursday, April 29, 2004 3:53 PM
    > To: [email protected]
    > Subject: Transfer Servers
    > Live Support Message Delivery:
    > -------------------------------------------
    > Hello,
    > I"ve been trying to get through to live support for the last 45 minutes
    > no luck. It's always like that.
    > Anyways, I'm ready to get a server with Plesk 7 but I'm wondering how long
    > it will take to setup.
    > I currently have a server running Plesk 6 about 250 domains. I would like
    > to transfer all the accounts over to the new server. How do I do this?
    > Thanks,
    > Mark

    See. not a thing wrong. They simply couldn't answer me and then denied me service. ALL I WANT IS A SERVER THROUGH THEM AND THEY DENIED ME.

    honestly im not just badmouthing them. i still want a server through them and i can understand if their sales staff are bad but their tech staff is good. unfortunately you can't talk to the techs until after ordering.
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    I didn't provide my name to chat because they wanted my name to cancel my order -- they had all my contact information from my order. I was waiting for the phone confirmation of the order. My name is not Trent, i hope some other guy's order wasn't cancelled.

    ====All I want is a server and for this to be resolved. I'm still curious as to what exactly I have done. I am completely willing to accept responsibility for whatever I have done to cause this...but what have I done??

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    I just had a file system problem with one of my servers a couple of hours ago. They took care of me real good. Called me back about 3 times just to keep me updated on what was going on and everything. Servermatrix is a pretty good company in my opinion.
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    I KNOW they are good...that's why I want a server. This is simply here to let people know what happened to me so they avoid asking certain questions in the future.

    All I want is a server from them...once I get that everything is resolved and all complaints around the internet (you thought it was just WHT??) will immediately be cancelled. I dont want this company badnamed either, I WANT TO DO BUSINESS WITH THEM.

    I'm just waiting for a response from them because of my posts.
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    What is the ip of your server at servermatrix because I see your domain is hosted at ev1 so I'm kinda confused since servermatrix didn't offer plesk 6 servers as they only just started offering plesk at version 7.
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    dk2...that was in 2002! get with the times buddy...i was just a reseller back then running out of my basement.

    Tell me what I have done with ServerMatrix to be denied service. common try me.
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    You just posted more private conversation, did you read my original post!

    Derrick - High Quality Reseller/ Multiple Domain Hosting.
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    Please tell me how you got a server with plesk 6 from servermatrix when they never offered plesk 6 servers?
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    I'M TRANSFERRING FROM EV1SERVERS TO SERVERMATRIX. d2k dont just sit here trying to find **** against me, grow up.
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    I know its bad that I posted the conversations but I can't refer to them if no one reads them. Otherwise people think I'm causing trouble for no reason. Once ServerMatrix resolves everything for me and lets me order the servers from them everything will be deleted and reset. As if nothing happened.

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    Ahss sorry read your first post wrong
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    Sorry man but this thread holds no credibility to me.

    You have been banned from WHT before because of abuse. If servermatrix denied you service it was probably for a darn good reason.
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    Derrick and d2k,

    I swear on my own life I am not just posting for no reason. I feel I was unfairly treated with this whole situation and I have tried to resolve things directly with ServerMatrix. Because they simply ignore me and hope I go away, I go stronger. I have nothing against them other than they won't let me buy servers for a reason that hasn't been explained.

    I believe I deserve the business from them and they deserve the business from me. I'm still wondering why I was denied service in the first place.

    Anyone? No one has given me an answer yet. I have not left anything out.

    I have nothing against Derrick or dk2 either.
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    dk2, could you tell me the reason why ServerMatrix denied me service then? you avoid questions just as well as ServerMatrix avoids questions.
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    Originally posted by skylapcom
    dk2, could you tell me the reason why ServerMatrix denied me service then? you avoid questions just as well as ServerMatrix avoids questions.
    Because they had a feeling you might be a pain in the butt? Maybe they heard of your childish ways?
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    I can see that you are obviously not mature enough to have a conversation about this. You have nothing to say and no viable response so you simply try to bash me? I'm the one with childish ways?

    Common, I'll ask you now to stop posting. You waste time.
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    Could you let me know what i have done to you personally to have you against me so unexpectidly? You come on to MY thread and bash ME...completely ignoring the TOPIC of the thread which was NOT to bash me like a little child. haha

    What I posted was completely fair and accurate information about my experiences with ServerMatrix. This says nothing about my character or how I do business, this is simply a bad experience that I would like fixed.

    If you can't handle the fact that some people don't have good experiences with some companies then you're in the wrong life. People have problems with every company even if that company is top of its field. Maybe I just ended up speaking with an a-hole who didn't want to bother finding the answers to my questions.

    Can you not understand that problems aren't always the customers fault...but rather the companies?

    And you tell me I have childish ways, please.
    Last edited by marknetwork; 04-29-2004 at 07:24 PM.
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    now you swear in your post, violated a rule for WHT - High Quality Reseller/ Multiple Domain Hosting.
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    what are you Derrick the WHT Police?

    okay I have changed the "A" word (oh noooooo) to "a-hole" instead. I do appreciate the heads up though, I seriously was unaware of the private conversations and will never post private converstations again unless it is fair to do so.
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    Aug 2002
    I'm assuming there's another side to this story, I don't know of any business that rejects possible business for no reason.

    - Matt
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    EXACTLY! That's why this doesn't make any sense! I'm trying to do business with them and hope to in the future. Go around forums and you'll see how many people get denied service from ServerMatrix FOR NO REASON. Crazy. Any suggestions?

    Thanks man,
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    Illinois, USA
    Any suggestions?
    You can email them and find out. I don't see anywhere in the chat where they were rude, nor in the emails - but thanks for sharing your experience!

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