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    Looking for a Job as an "Apprentice"

    Dear fellow WHT Members,
    My name is Max. I am 14 years of age and I am currently living in Long Island, New York. I am seeking a job as an apprentice for a decent sized webhosting company. I have decided to look for this job because of the fact that I believe that there is no better way to learn something than "hands on" practice. I am seeking a job as an apprentice for a server administrator. I have worked as a technical support representative for awhile but I did not get the training that I wanted. I am looking to work for someone who will trust me with a server some how or another. I would be willing to help with the monitoring and administering of the server. Since I am new to this field, I am willing to do this for free. I would like to specify the fact that I am not interested in working as a technical support representative. I would rather work for a company that does own 1+ servers and has an established client database. I have experience with the following:

    Server Monitoring ( I owned a co-owned a webhosting company for awhile and part of my job was monitoring the uptime, bind, SQL, etc.
    Webhosting Sales/Technical Support ( 3 Months )
    Cpanel ( 1 Year )
    WHM ( 4 Months )
    WHM AutoPilot ( 1 Months )
    Photoshop ( 3 years )
    HTML ( 3 Years )
    PHP ( 2 Months )
    Visual Basic ( 6 Months )
    OSTicket ( Helpdesk Software)
    StarDevelope ( LiveHelp Chat )

    Please contact me via aim @ Maxworld99 or email @ [email protected]
    Thank you,
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