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    WANTED: My Forum needs a makeover!


    My forum, needs a graphical makeover.

    Basically I am looking to re-do the header bar, make it graphical, and just add a touch of color to the site, as it is currently all grey/white/black.

    I am offering cash compensation, and/or i can offer 468x60 banner advertising, rates will be negotiated with interested parties.

    As a rough guide, the site does 275,000 human (capable of loading an IFRAME), Impressions per month. If you would like to receive banner impressions for your work (which you can resell if agreed with me beforehand), I would proberly be looking to offer a total of 200,000 impressions, limited to 50,000 a month (so 4 month advertising).

    I am looking for:
    - A new forum header, which must include all the "functions"/links i have there now, AND provided space for a 468x60 banner as well.

    - The forum header MUST include a logo in the top left. You may make your own, or incorperate our current logo that we havent used yet:

    - Add a touch of color to the forums, the posts text MUST REMAIN BLACK. Grey text is horrible and unreadable.

    - Something unique. NO TEMPLATES.

    This forum is phpBB powered, so advantage of phpBB or forum software (FROM A DESIGN PERSPECTIVE), is a bonus.

    If you feel you can do this, please email: [email protected]
    In your email, you need to include the following:
    1) A link to any other sites you have worked on
    2) What you are looking for, cash or impressions wise.

    Upon me receiving your completed work, and cash agreed with be transfered via PayPal. If you have choosen to take some or all of your compensation as Banner impressions, they will begin within 3 days of me receiving your design. Upon me beginning your banner impressions, or transfering cash to your paypal account full Copyright of the design is automatically given to me.

    I am happy to answer general questions in this thread or via email.

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    Budget for this project?

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    at most, $200. I would prefer to offer banner impressions and a text link for a month as a part of the deal, in exchange for a bit less cash.

    I would prefer to settle for banner impressions and a text link rather than cash, but i am flexable, and can do cash if required.

    As part of this deal, the design cannot have a "design by xyz" or similar link/image on it.


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    I am interested, for some of my work contact me, info in sig.

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    How about something like this: (just started)


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    Following from my original post, asking people to EMAIL ME if they would like to offer their services, I had one email.

    The email had a link to a portfolio which had a series of images (which appeared to be links as well) but none of the links appeared to work.

    I had one sensible question from p1az, fair enough.

    We had one flame to another forum member from PuppetMaster

    We had 3 people that said something along the lines of "my email is.." or "contact me.." One persons site was flash only, meaning i couldnt use their site at all??!

    I have already asked for people to apply for this by email, with reasonable questions that i will answer in the thread, how you can possibly draw that im asking for people to say "email me" is totally beyond me.

    It is a shame people cannot use a little common sense sometimes, I am sure there are plenty of talented people on these forums but as a result of the response to this thread I am forced to say none of you have got the job, Im off to to post it there as a competition instead.

    Have a nice day.


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    Hello Jasonlambert,
    I can make a nice design of your forum according to your requirements… don’t worry I also believe in FRESH designs and Creative solutions. You get the best out of me. That’s my promise.

    AIM: mzakirpatel.


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