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    * EV1SERVERS server transfer to SERVERMATRIX server


    I am tired of EV1SERVERS and their service. My server constantly goes down and I can't run a business this way. So I am moving over to ServerMatrix but I need to transfer the accounts from my old server to my new server.

    I currently run Plesk 6 and would like to move all accounts to a new server. Is it possible to change everything over to CPanel? It has been recommended more than enough for me to change over to CPanel.

    250 domains
    33GB space used

    ==How do I transfer all of this to a new server? Is it possible to transfer from Plesk 6 to CPanel??

    Thank you,

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    We had completely opposite experience. Our server alsways went down at servermatrix and when we suggested that it was a hardware issue, thy just unplugged it without asking. (Thanks goodness it was only a secondary DNS box). We now have a server with ev1 and it's really good.


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    Re: EV1SERVERS server transfer to SERVERMATRIX server

    Originally posted by skylapcom
    My server constantly goes down and I can't run a business this way.
    Have you tried contacting EV1 and asking them to look into the issue for you? I have several boxes at EV1 and I haven't been experiencing any problems.

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    Re: EV1SERVERS server transfer to SERVERMATRIX server

    Originally posted by skylapcom
    How do I transfer all of this to a new server? Is it possible to transfer from Plesk 6 to CPanel?
    I've never done it, but WHM has a built in script to transfer from Plesk to cPanel. All you need is the server FQDN or IP and root password. If root login is disabled, provide a user that can su to root.

    Then, it should just be a simple process of selecting which accounts to transfer. After the transfer, you should take a look and see if everything has been transferred correctly. There are usually a few issues to resolve.

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    Hmm yeah I think I'll contact EV1 about it again and see if they can fix it. If the server is a celeron and not a P4 does that make a different in uptime? or just speed?

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    EV1 is light years ahead of SM in the customer service department. If you call EV1 during business hours, you can call someone that is "in charge", and they will usually get the job done.

    At SM, you will NEVER get past the sales rep or the tech.

    I have been with EV1 over 2 years! It took me about 5 months to figure out SM wasn't for me, although they are a resonably fine company.

    I guess an invitation to the HeadSurfer's private suite at the EV1 bowl does make me a little biased .

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    As jason said, the transfer can be handeled from within CPanel, however, I would suggest that you transfer one or two accounts at first and see how that goes.

    I, myself do not have any experience transferring any accounts from Pleask to CPanel, though, but have heard that there are some issues.

    Why don't you head over to CPanel's forums and see if there are any users there that have already done this?
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    Well if your server is down, it's probably not EV1's fault. They are un-managed; you need to manage it yourself.

    EV1 provides the server and backbone to the internet. You provide everything on it. I suggest hiring a good system admin to make sure everything is fine instead of moving to another provider and bringing up other problems.

    They are a lot of good ones on this board, use the search function.
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    We use EV1 also and they have been great, i did have one issue when i got it and they had to unplug it and take it away and fix it which i was impressed about as it was me who screwed it up and they aren't supposed to manage them.

    I will say one thing though - go to their IRC chat for some reason i always get more help in there than on their actual live chats. Just go to their forum and search for IRC and you will get the details

    Oh and another thing we have tended to do to save money etc and especially if you have problems with the box you have.

    Order an EV1 cpanel server and keep the plesk one on for a while until you get everything off it and then cancel the plesk server... you will get a nice new dell server with cpanel then and if there were any hardware probs with the old server they will be gone.
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    I'm using to manage my servers, they're not bad but I always have to tell them "a server is down AGAIN" and they'll fix it but I'm looking for something where I'll never have to worry about the servers. Something that before I even know that the server is's already fixed. Where can I get a management service like that?


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    I am moving my only EV1 server to nocster. This is not because i want to leave EV1, its because they want me to leave

    (Large scale ddos attack on my server, which caused network problems for the entire ev1 network...

    The attack delivered to your server was substantial enough to cause network problems for EVERYONE at EV1servers. It was not isolated to just you, your subnet, or your distribution router...)

    EV1 always helped me out fine when i had problems with my server, so the only thing i can say is try to get contact with someone good at EV1 and let him look at you're server.

    EV1 is not a bad company
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    Moved from Ev1servers to ServerMatrix here. Telephone assistance from SM is excellent (Ev1 just says "Watch the ticket - we can't contact Datacenter staff", SM actual do something: brilliant for reboots!), but SM do our kernel upgrades (on their free "Silver managed service" plan), have a good server monitoring system in Orbit (we get alerts if a service goes down and the server stops responding to PINGs, they reboot) and are slightly cheaper and don't give in to SCO...

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    Wow actually just saved helped me out like crazy!! They installed all new software, security software and even modernbill!

    I just found out I was not signed up for full management under but only monitoring. I will be adding full management very soon, is absolutely great whenever I had a problem. Just clarifying.


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