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    Beast of a server

    The ultimate server to run a hosting biz?

    This 4U server has:

    -Two Intel Xeon 2.4 GHz CPUs with Hyper-Threading Technology and 512 kB L2 cache
    -Sixteen 250 GB Serial ATA hot-swappable hard disks for a total of 4 TB of storage
    -One internal 120 GB ATA100 hard disk just for the operating system
    -4 GB Dual-Channel 266 MHz DDR Registered SDRAM with ECC
    -Dual Gigabit LAN

    It's for sale!
    Would you like to buy it?
    It's CHEAP:

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    I will be happy with this:

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    This box can also be built for less than 10k

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    what on earth would someone need a server this BIG for?

    4TB? jesus.

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    Originally posted by mr_wuss
    what on earth would someone need a server this BIG for?

    4TB? jesus.
    put that server on an 100mbps connection and you got a nice file server to host ANYTHING you want

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    Is this an advertising thread?

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    No i'm not advertising it.
    I'm not selling it...
    I just stumbled upon it and thought it was pretty cool.


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    That's a freaking crazy amount of space!
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    If your spending that kind of money your better off going with a reputable provider. As for what to use it for? Filebackups of other servers is what that would server perfectly for.
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    Lot of money for what you get.
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    Yeah, ebay is my favorite place to find quality hardware.
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