Looking for a php printer friendly script. I found some after a search on google but none of them seems to work on my site. I got a feeling that this might be because i run php in safe mode. I mean that my webhost provider run their servers in php safe mode. I checked/tested those printerfriendly script on others servers, which I'm not sure running php in safe mode yet, but they worked on those servers anyway. I have another script that doesn't worked on the server I want it to work on, but that one too worked on another server mentioned above. All those scripts has something like this included:

" fopen() " <--- every script I have tested that has this included in php file fails to work on my website.

So I'm asking if one of you know any way around this? Is safe mode the problem? Because I'm not sure if the other servers runs in safe mode...

I asked my provider if they might know what the problem could be. First off all they didn't have any special support on this, but they said that I could open a file on a external server or something. By the way, that wasn't about the printer script...but another script that gets information from another site.

Hope some of you can guide me through this problem.