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Thread: reselling adsl

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    Question reselling adsl


    does anyone know of any UK ADSL Resell provider? i want to sell ADSL at a good price and make a bit on it, but it must be customizable or use anonymous domain etc.

    any suggestuions would be appreciated.


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    I wouldn't recomend doing this idea at all unless you are will to devote time, money, sleepless nights, and of course any other resource you might have. Just the billing of people alone for something like this would scare me.

    Best of luck, I'm sure someone might have more helpful advise then me.

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    here in PA, verizon does the ADSL.
    instead we do sDSL through a local clec, and really dont have many headaches.

    We've been throwing the idea of adsl through verizon just to get some areas we can reach with the sdsl. crappy pppoe software, verizon under the hood....makes me sick just thinking of it.

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    The only Adsl reseller I know of is Cognigen, but they are US based I think. They basically just give you a website to sell theirs ervices, so I guess its not really reselling, more of an affiliate system.

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