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    Looking for a Full Website design & Coding as well as software integration!

    Ok i'm currently only looking around for a company who can provide what i want for a reasonable cost but the project will be going ahead starting around the 1st July.

    Basically i am wanting something like:-
    1. Full Site design.
    2. Logo.
    3. Flash Header. - maybe, maybe not as i think flash headers are a bit too common now!
    4. Full Graphics.
    5. Unique Front page.
    6. Unqiue Subpages
    7. 10-15 html pages with text implementation.
    8. 5-6 banner designs.
    9. 3-5 Order forms.
    10. 3D Graphics
    11. Intergration of WHM AutoPilot.

    12. Unlimited reivisions.
    13. Multiple concepts. --- these final too are just what was offered to me by a company that i already have i quote from.

    So far i have had three quotes the cheapest being $800 and the most expensive $900
    Now if there are any freelancers or even companies out there willing to take on this design then i would be very grateful!
    Payment would be via paypal with 50% upfront on start date listed above and 50% on completion and bug checking!

    Thank You
    Please pm me if you would like to discuss this further or contact me using MSN messanger at [email protected]

    Thank You again

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    Fryer you have to have 5 posts to get PM's, currently you have 4.

    12. Unlimited reivisions.
    13. Multiple concepts.
    would you like unlimited bandwith as well?
    IMHO, unlimited revisions is not a thing that can really be offered.

    nothing is really unlimited, what if you ask for 10,000 revisions?
    I'm just being picky really... revisions are fine by me. (still, "unlimited" doesnt exist, if it isnt working out after a large number of revisions you just move on...)

    the prices are about right. I'll quote you 750$ just to out quote them.

    I will PM you with more info, examples and reviews once your able to receive PM's.

    my portfolio site opens in may.

    IWDN - Really smart web developers... and me!
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    Hi. Actually it depends on the company. Such as ours, we believe in doing revisions until the customer is happy. Such as if the project is 99.9% done and a client says "can you change this" and we will happily do it. Also sometimes we make very few revisions or alot, but we work until the client is 100% satisfied. I won't deny though, that not all projects go through, but usually 9 out of 10 do. Take care.

    Best Regards,
    [email protected]

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    I can do what your asking for only $400 dollars! Contact me via AIM: tpe1364 or PM me.

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    I can create a VERY PROFESSIONAL website and meet up all your requirements…
    Please consider me.

    AIM: mzakirpatel.


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    Thank you for all the interest! I have had to, unfortunately, turn a few people away as they were not suitable for the job even though they did have some excellent portfolios!
    Thank you to all that have contacted me about this! The position is still available i have not made any final decisions yet so feel free to contact me still!

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