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    lets face it..Im a techie...Im no good at design/graphics.
    Ive been throwing around using postnuke. I know postnuke can be kind of a bear, especially most of our customers are still on dial up.

    I need some recommendations...lets hear em.


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    Postnuke is really good.
    I love it and recommend it to so many people.
    It is really feature rich.
    I use it personally as well.

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    Sure... Go ahead and use postnuke if it fits what you want to do, especially if you dont want the task of writing your own.

    If you stay light on the graphics, loading shouldnt be much of a problem. When I was on 36.6 (shared by 2 other people) a year ago, I've seen some postnuke sites that loaded pretty quickly. Heck, any of the nukes load quickly on dialup with little graphics.

    However, be sure to keep up on the exploits. Not many (speaking in relative terms) are found for postnuke, but its always best to keep an eye out when they are found.

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    Yeah, a lite template would help out, however that can be difficult to make a site look good with such a template.

    Check out e107. It's designed much like PN, however management is much easier, the permissions system actually works, etc.

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    I know the idea of a "CMS" is so that people can log in using a username/password for some of the features.

    I really dont want that. Our users usually have the passwords saved on the computer and easily forget them.

    I've been playing around with pn the last couple days. Its been running fine, Ive been playing with a few themes. My test server is even slow..a P1 with 128 megs of RAM.

    I was throwing around the idea of making a very lightweight CMS myself. Because truthfully pn has alot of features, but I really dont need them.

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    What is it you are trying to do exactly?

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    actually the idea of a CMS (Content Management System) is to allow a company/indidivual/team to streamline their information publishing.

    Instead of having to create a new complete HTML page for each piece of their website, they can enter the "content" in some boxes and click a button and the system will serve up the content with a template/design.

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