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    Need some help searching


    I have been using the forums for advice on sites I look at, and have found the people here most helpful, hopefully you peeps can help me out.

    I have submitted a Host Quote for a Managed Dedicated Server, and am awaiting responses now.

    However I am VERY new to Dedicated Servers, in that I have never had one before, thus wanted Managed. I have a small amount of knowledge in Linux/Unix, and use SSH for my mysql dumps and some minor changes etc.

    Am I being un-realistic looking for a Managed Dedicated Server for $80-$90??

    I need a min of 200GB B/W and 10GB Space, as well as the usual hosting gunff like MySQL, PHP, IMAP, etc.

    Whats your opinions?



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    David, that's not too unreasonable as long as you don't need awesome system specs. As for the installed software, remember that you'll get full root access to the machine so you may install any software you wish.

    However, if you want a server management package that quote is too low.

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    Hmmm, ok did I say I was a newbie? - lol

    Because the sites I would be compiling on this server are all growing in terms of services offered, etc. I am not 100% sure of the EXACT spec I would need, I just need to make sure that the monthly price is right, and that if I go over the B/W a bit I don't have to get a second mortgage on my house !!!

    When you talk about root access and installing software? I am not sure what you mean?

    What do you mean by a Server Management Package?

    Basically what I think I am after is the ability to have all my sites controlled on one server, as I currently have them on Shared Hosting in various places.

    I however don't want them to encounter problems such as not having SSH access, not having enough MySQL Connections, not having enough bandwidth, all these problems seem to be caused due to having Shared Hosting.

    I appreciate your help with this as I really am not sure what to do.


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    The only servers you're going to be able to afford are closeout servers -> and then you'll have to hire a server administrator to completely manage your server.

    When you're talking about server management, you need to know a lot more then just how to use SSH. And if your sites are of any value to you, you'd need to know how to manage your server's security, which you don't.

    You could get a nocster closeout server for 50.00/m, and then hire an admin for 40.00 - 50.00 per month.

    But if you want quality, you have to pay for it.

    Brendan Diaz

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    Would it not make more sense to pay the extra 10-20 $ p/m for a managed server?

    I am sorry to keep asking what seems like stupid questions to you guys, I just want to make the right decision.

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    If I were you, I would prefer a VPS. I suggest; /

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    Once again SORRY, what is a VPS? What does it offer, how is it different?


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    Once again SORRY, what is a VPS? What does it offer, how is it different?

    VPS is Virtual Private Server. It is something like reseller hosting. But with a VPS, you get root access via SSH and limited system resources instead of shared resources as compare to reseller hosting. Compare to dedicated servers, you require no managing skill as the server will be managed by the provider. Plus, resources given (CPU, MEM, space & bandwidth) are less than dedicated servers.

    Would it not make more sense to pay the extra 10-20 $ p/m for a managed server?
    Depends on who the person is to manage the server for you at that price. I doubt any reliable admins charge around that. Prepare for another $100+ if you require a good admin.

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