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    postnuke themes?

    hey guys, I am currently playing around with PostNuke.

    Im having problems finding good themes.

    Any good sites out there?

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    I ran into the same problem, I only found skins for PHP-Nuke. I'm interested to see if there are sites that have themes for PN. Only time I've seen PN modified is with custom sites, and i'm guessing it cost them a pretty penny.

    If you change your mind about PHP-Nuke, I found this site on WHT the other day.

    Alot of the themes are linked from but they seem to have done a decent job in combining the different skinning sites.
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    Check Out

    There are many good themes for PostNuke but I guess we need to do a better job at getting the word out. Here's a couple of sites you might find useful:

    Designs4Nuke has a library of over 50 free themes and growing everyday. We have also gained permission to distribute some of the best free themes around including Vipixel's themes for PostNuke.

    I hope this helps.



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