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    I've been hosting a site at until I had an EIGHT-HOUR outage a few days ago. That was horrible, just ridiculous. During the whole eight hours I could not get a hold of anybody. Their toll-free number just took me to a friggin' machine.

    Needless to say, I'm looking for a new host with the following specs:

    * ASP and ASP.Net
    * PHP
    * MySQL as well as MsSQL (if possible)
    * Lots of bandwidth
    * At least 100MB storage

    Anyone have any good recommendations? I was going to go with Brinkster until I started reading this forum today. :-)

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    Try the host quote in the top menu.

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    How long?

    I've filled out the long does it usually take to get quotes back? Anyone know?

    It's mid-day Thursday and I wanted to have an account registered by AT LEAST the end of Friday. Possible?

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    people here are quick...i'm sure you'll get some responses.

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    Your requirements seem tough to fit on one box for a solution, so it might take a little longer then normal. Rest asured that you will get a response

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    I've gotten one reply so far. They supported PHP but not ASP...why even respond to it? :-)

    I've been continuing to research the forum and I stumbled across one host that might be a good one:

    They've had good reviews on here and they've got everything I need. They're definitely in the running...thanks for the input.

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