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    DNS when BIND is down

    If I run a main server running dns for two domains and one domain is pointed to another IP off of the server, what will happen when the main server goes down? Will the domain pointed to the other IP off of the server still function?
    Reason for asking... Thinking of having a simple status page on another server that gives the status of the main server. So if the main server goes down I can post updates. But I think it may not work as I would use something like pointing to the 2nd server.
    Does this all make sense?

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    This is why when you register a domain you are required (or should be) to enter at least two nameservers. The idea is you have a back-up dns to answer requests.

    If your workstation isn't pointing to your server (with bind running) and you have been accessing it you should still be able to get to it. But, it might not have it cached.

    you can always add a static entry into your host file and fake the dns.

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