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Thread: Ideas and input

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    Ideas and input

    Hi this is Jon with Tophosts. We are putting together a magazine for the industry - and would like to see what kind of feedback some of the users here might have on things that should be included. Maybe what you liked about previous magazines and what you like about some of the current tech and hosting related magazines. We really appreciate your feedback.


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    Re: Ideas and input

    Originally posted by tresfun
    things that should be included.
    Hot babes in bikinis?

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    Girls in binkinis standing next to their computer...

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    lol - any serious suggestions? I don't think we're going for that kind of look, but you guys may to check out Maxim or FHM. If only they added some servers and computers to their mag. we'd have the perfect magazine

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    Does the web hosting industry need its own magazine (or rather, more magazines)? Aren't you really just businesses with network/server administrators, customer support people, and customers, like many other businesses? Which there are plenty of mags to cover?
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    Re: Re: Ideas and input

    Originally posted by bodypainter
    Hot babes in bikinis?
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    1)first figure out your target audience , you had figured out your industry,but, thing is you have to decide whether you are targetting newbies, or intermediate or advanced users?? or all together???
    2) then, you can decide the categories you can have, and thus you canmake analysis of how much depth you have to and are going tocover to reach the audience expectations
    3)then, ofcourse good graphics add more impressive look at first sight, but to survive more better, no other go, but we have to reach the expectations of our target audience
    4)once you start, hope you get more authors, may not be dedicated always, but atleast they cangive articles, which they write in Free time, and who feels happy that their article being read by numerous people and the feel of making useful materials, which helps others, Make many people get on to the task.
    5)Ofcourse, some other points like how you are going to publish the magazine, whether ONLINE based or BOOK?
    6)Then, registration of magazine name and the process to be done with the "Registrar of print media" in case of print magazine.
    I think similar government run team will be there for this purpsoe in other countries also
    I donot know clearly about legal permissions of Online magazine.
    7) once all the above issues were checked, then, you can slowly start the task and move before public

    I just briefed out, still lot more aspects to be done, I gave a brief listing only.

    hope it helps

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