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    advice on hq-host

    I looked around here quit a bit and decided I want to check out hq-host. They seem to have a good deal.

    Here is what I have so far:
    I tested their response to a question and they were ok, although they only responded to questions posted through their site's interface and not to my reply-question to the email-answer I received.
    They write in their site that they accept paypal, but after trying to pay and failing, I was notified that they no longer work with paypal.

    But the real issue that makes me hesitate is the fact that I noticed that they are not from the USA. Whois shows that the people who listed the DSN are from the Ukrain.

    Should that worry me? They state that their servers are in the US. Is there a way to verify this? The person that responded to my salles questions is obviously not a native English speaker.
    Thanks for any input

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    It could be tough if you went with them and they dont speak english too well. If they only answered your question threw the site interface i would be kind of worried.

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    Yes, I think you should worry. I think hosting company that has bad customer service even before you sign up with them is sign of bad things to come. If they tell you you can use Paypal, and when you try you can't is another indicator of problems.
    It's your decision, but there are so many hosting companies out there to pick from.

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