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    Animal Shelter Website Review

    I need some reviews on the homepage of this animal shelter website I am creating. I have only created the homepage. Here is the website:

    Please list good, bad, etc.


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    I suggest finishing the site before you ask for a review, otherwise you will get unfavorable reviews.

    Cute cats!

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    Cloudy1.jpg is 332K and 1280x960 but you are resizing it via html tags to 395x343. Your proportions aren't right and the cat is being squished horizontally. If you resized it in a graphics program to the size you intend, it'd take a fraction of the download time.

    I don't get what this cat has to do with the shelter. The pic looks like it was taken on a couch with a sheet over it. I see human body parts, a towel and what looks like a bunch of belts hanging in the background. If you must use this pic, I'd recommend photoshopping out the unrelated background stuff. Oh, and burn the "green eye" problem.

    You've made the window non-resizable with no scroll bars, so the page cuts off at the bottom for me using 800x600.

    face="Broadway" - Not a standard font, so it won't display as you intend for anyone who doesn't have that font installed.

    Black backgrounds remind me of porn and gambling sites. Not real cheery for an animal shelter. I'd go with a lighter color.

    I find splash pages in general a bit annoying. I'm there already, why make me click again to "enter" the site? Plus, splash pages have no real content so they don't get indexed well by search engines.

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    looks pretty fancy if you ask me, what program did you make it in photoshop, gimp, fireworks ?

    good luck with the site
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