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    [Wanted] Turnkey Business


    I have been desperatly searching for an affordable, money making turnkey business. I am looking for selling ads, being a re-seller (non hosting) etc... If you have any information feel free to post it here. I would like to see someone that has made a little bit of money so I know it is true!!!


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    before, posting about reselling offers other than hosting related, I like to confirm from the site MODERATORS, if we can write about other services than hosting that our company offers.

    Hope some Moderators sees this and give permission so I can post the opportunities


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    Hi, I'm selling two scripts which include reseller rights:

    CommunityLink Pro 5.0 script - $15 - Can be viewed at:

    SolarPay payment processor script - $15 - A demo can be viewed at:
    This hasn't been set up completely on my server. It is not a fully working demo.
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    I have Cellphone accessories Chargers cases holders.........

    hard to beat my price's

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    If you want to sell ads ... then you would only need traffic ( a lot of ) for your site.
    However do not expect to make real money not even years of promoting ( sure it depends how hard you work on advertising ).
    If you want to make money ... try the affiliate marketing.
    Coupon Site Script - Turnkey Affiliate Moneymaking Business

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