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    ************ is WebHost4POOP and here is why.

    --Supposedly Phone Tech is 24/7 and it isn't. Technicians are rude and manipulative on the phone as well as speaking broken English.

    -Control Panel is garbage. Half the features are missing as well as allot of it written in poor English with bad spelling.

    -The add insult to injury there is NO Recycle bin in the file manager on the Windows advance Shared Plan.

    If you want a good laugh go with WebHost4POOP. Otherwise, be realistic and pay the 40 dollars a month for Sharepoint.

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    that was pretty funny. I actually thought there was a company with poop in the name when I saw the thread. I could see some pretty interesting marketing campaigns with that one.

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    Somebody: "Originality is the key to success" :-)

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    Darn...going to register that RIGHT NOW!!! Woooooooohoooooooo

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    I am having trouble with ************ at the moment, they have locked my account for outstanding charges for additional stuff I ordered on 29th April 2004 now 12th May 2004 they say 30 days.
    I have not seen a bill and they have locked access to the sql database so I cannot back it up. I have rand them and not got anywhere and been posting questions on there ticketing systems and still don't know what my account is? Any ideas here?
    Kind Regards Colin from OZ

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