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    reseller discount scheme or something?

    I have a virtual server that I used to host sites for some of my customers, but don't want the responsibility anymore (i.e. I htink my customers should have 24/7 support etc, but don't want to have to be on call when I'm on holiday!).

    However, I'm a web developer, and quite often need to arrange hosting for sites I work on. What I'd really like is a nice relationship with a hosting company where maybe I get some discount the more sites I host with them, but they provide the support and invoice my customers directly. Does this kind of thing exists?!?

    Oh, Linux, PHP, MySQL, UK based ideally...


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    Well first thing I would say you probably made a great decision of not hosting before you get too involved in it. And wanting better things for your current clients is a great business approach also. A partnership although not mentioned allot in the public, happens quite allot. You can find hosting companies willing to do this all you need to do is drop them an e-mail. Describe to them want you want to achieve and why this partnership would be beneficial to you and them. I might suggest it would be easier to do this with a smaller hosting company as most big boys already have there partnerships worked out. So yes it does exist just try and contact some hosts and see what you find.

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    There are multiple domain hosts available now. For a single price you can host multiple domains. But .. I don't think they will provide direct end support to your clients.

    Your best deal is to contact a couple of hosts and try to work out a deal

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