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    Connex (Melbourne, Australia) Advertisement on tv is wrong..

    Ive never seen ANYONE on the train start singing OR smiling for that matter.

    All I've ever seen is angry people, punch ups, death threats and so on. I cant stand that ad!

    /end of rant..

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    haha, file a lawsuite

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    I reckon it's the second worst ad on TV at the moment (the worst is that bloody Sultana Bran ad - heard it through the grapevine).

    The people on the train are all so cliche - there's an old guy, a young dude, a goth, a gay bloke etc - gimme a break Connex.

    Agree with you its_just_me, this ad is a shocker.

    Good article on this here.
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    lol, I hate both those ads....

    Why peopel would start singing on a train with complete strangers is behond me

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    Is there a news ad on Connex? I never knew that @@ I better watch more!



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    If our Cityrail (Sydney) started an ad like that; I think there would be riots.

    I stayed in Melbourne for a week in January (stayed in the city on Spring Street) and made extensive use of the trains and trams when I was there - they're bliss compared to ours.

    Here we hear the computer make announcements like "the 5:03 train to Campbelltown via the Airport has been cancelled for today only" so often that we don't take notice - in fact, they're expected

    Cityrail boasts a reasonable on-time running figure. What they don't tell the public is that a train is counted as on time if it arrives within 10 minutes of the scheduled time. They also have a nice little trick where if a train is in danger of not meeting that criteria, they simply cancel the service.

    I'll end my rant there - I've had a very annoying week with Cityrail

    Shaun Ewing

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    Sounds similar to Connex LoL

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