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    Limiting Max Number of Connections per IP

    Hey I am a complete Linux newbie so please bear with me ^_^

    I was wondering if it were possible to limit maximum number of connections per ip? I have a server with a 20Mbit Line and just get loads of people using Download Accelerator tools and open up about 10 connections slowing down everything.

    My Apache Version is : 1.3.29
    Linux Version (Redhat) : 7.2 or 7.3 (not sure)
    oh and i have the latest version of Cpanel. ( But i am sure it'll all be done through SSH)

    I searched on google and found 'limitipconn'. I can untar the file but everytime i try to use the 'make' command i get an error (code :127). So it looks like i can't use that.

    Is there any other way at all ?

    Any Help would be really appreciated.

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    If the issue is limiting download connections, then check out mod_throttle for Apache.

    I believe there is a mod_bandwidth as well.

    Thank you.
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    As suggested by Dynamicnet, try to use mod_throttle module in Apache.

    Refer this link : for how to use this module.


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