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    changing Time Zone using SSH redhat linux

    I am using RH 9 and I wanted to change the TimeZone, I have tired using "timeconfig" but it gives me an error "could not open display"

    Is there any way I could change the time zone on my server.

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    Thankz fuse1982 that worked

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    Is the global or just user modification?

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    Originally posted by UltraUnixNET
    Is the global or just user modification?
    Is not golbal I guess, I was logged in a root and set the Zone, all worked fine, then I logged out and then after some time logged in again I get the same old Time Zone, I want to change the time Zone permanently

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    Try symlinking /etc/localtime to your timezone in /usr/share/zoneinfo/.

    If you're in Eastern timezone of the US, it would be:
    ln -s /usr/share/zoneinfo/America/New_York /etc/localtime
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    Yeah did that sim linking and its working fine!

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    Glad it worked for you.

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