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    Hello all. Nice site you have here. Im been building 2 e stores for my clients, and I jus twanted to ask you all, what you think of auto submission programs. Are the yworth it in your opinions?
    Do they actually hurt the sites chances?

    I would love to hear your opinions on this.

    Thank you, and im proud to be a part of this fine site.

    Take care


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    Well, I think you're talking about submitting a person's web site to search I'm moving this to the appropriate forum.

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    Most of the time they are just trying to collect your site url and their bots will scan your website and send spam to the emails. But not all of them are such. Id rather you submit manually to the 7-8 most common engines: Google, Yahoo, Altavista, Lycos, Dmoz, HotBot, Gigablast. Thats mostly recommended( to submit yourself) if your site appears in the main SEs then it will in the small ones as well, not necessary but there is a very good chance.
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    I think manual submission is always the best.
    Besides I cant see how an automated program can submit to link categorised directores which are important

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    I think getting on dmoz is freat because that gets you in the major ones. Also depending on what the sites are for look for directories. Ive had some great success adding sites to related directories because it increased the google ranking.

    I cant say ive had much luck with the free submissions, googlebot comes to the site anyway.

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    Some of our merchants have reported that the free submission programs don't work all that great and others have said that it did work out well for them. I think that hand-entered SEO will always beat any kind of automated system though. - Trusted Merchant Account Solutions since 1998
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