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    chat application


    I want to write a chat application in asp langauge. well it is possible . but i have some problem
    1) i have to have refresh tag to refresh the page in n seconds. i don't like it very much. is there anyway which i can send the the added sentences to all session?

    2)can the chat application be written by DHTML?
    3)i can control the senetences which are passed through the chat room by APPLICATION variable. that cause anybody who login to the chat room can see the previous sentences in session. is there any comment or idea about what i should do?

    Thank you

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    1. no - refreshing is the only way with asp - which puts a huge stress on the database once you get 30 people on it

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    A quick and dirty way to do it would be to have all lines of chat appended to a file, and then the script just reads the last say 30 lines of the file.
    Every 30 mins or so run a job to cut out all but the last 30 lines of the file, to keep the size down.
    Should take stress off any kind of database anyway.

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